An unwanted week off…(Week 14)

Hi from Monday!

So I finished a little early in last weeks blog. We did the garbage and laundry, acting like adults. Then we sat down to watch Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Mans Chest. While we were watching the movie and Fiks was getting cleaned up, we had a power out. First words out of my mouth were “I didn’t do it!” and then Fiks said the whole street was out. Found out that a transformer blew down the street and put most of our town out of power. I checked the PG&E website, they said it’d be down until midnight. So I grabbed my book and started to read in the living room when the power came back on like 25 minutes later.

I went to bed soon after the power came back on.

I slept okay last night, waking up a few times. Like I woke up at 2, so I took another sleeping pill to go back to sleep, then I woke up at 5 with Fiks’ alarm, then I was wide awake at 730, so I got up out of bed and had a bowl of cereal and put on some M*A*S*H. I fell asleep in a episode or two. I got up and decided to work on my project for the week; the closet in our bedroom. Specifically my side of the closet.

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So I worked on my side of the closet for half an hour, listening to the Frozen II soundtrack. I moved the stuff that I don’t wear anymore (because I’ve gained so much weight over the past couple of years I don’t fit in them) into the guest bedroom’s closet. Then I got dressed and went over to my parents place to take care of Gucci.

I got there and went over to say hi to Gucci, and discovered there were no carrots waiting for me. So I went inside the house and grabbed a couple of carrots for the boy. He turned around when I proclaimed I had carrots for him.


I saw that he didn’t have any hay, so I grabbed a flake and went inside. While I was putting the hay in the bag Gucci decided to open the door and make a run for it. Well, not really a run because he stopped as soon as he was outside the gate. I took his blanket off because it’s nice and sunny, and I decided to let him have his graze.


He saw something I couldn’t see and paused his grazing to look. Then he continued to graze. After 10 minutes I showed him a carrot and he followed me into his stall where I gave him the rest of his carrot. Then I went back inside and said hi to Lumi and Poppa. Poppa said Mom was upstairs, so I went up to say hi to her. I ended up ordering some of her makeup from Ulta Beauty. Then we went back downstairs and watched some TV.

A little bit later Mom was wondering if I was hungry for a sandwich yet, I said yes so we made sandwiches. We all sat down and watched Dr Pol for a little while. I made up Gucci’s paste and then Poppa and I went out to give Gucci his medicine. He was pretty good about it today and I didn’t drop the syringe, so yay! I gave him his goodbye cookies when I left, it took him a minute to get into them, but he did take them.

I came home brought in the garbage cans and brought up the laundry. Next I worked on the closet some more. I put back on Pirates so I could finish that movie while I was working. I started throwing medicine bottles into a big brown bag, and it’s almost full. I filled up our little garbage can in the bedroom.

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I decided to take a little break and jump on the computer. I also put on 10 Thing I Hate About You. So I watched that and then I went to get changed because I had gotten itchy and sweaty during the closet clean up. I did the new hair mask and waited 15 minute before washing it out. My hair feels really good right now, so that’s nice.

I put on Madam Secretary for a while while I waited for Fiks to come home. I got through 2.5 episodes before he got home, so he was kind of on time/early, so that was nice.  He said I made a nice dent in my side of the closet, looks loads better. Just need to pick up the little things so we could vacuum. He got changed and I continued to watch Madam Secretary until it was time for dinner. We did left overs, he did Chinese and I did nachos.

Fiks wanted to watch a show on Netflix called The Tiger King. Apparently its the show that everyone is talking about right now. So we watched the first episode. And it made me sad and a little sick to my stomach. The amount of cats he has? Had? Its insane. The people who would line up to play with tiger kittens. I get that they’re cute, but they have tiny murder mitts. They aren’t a domestic animal to be played with and touched. Its… I have no more words right now.

After The Tiger King we put on James May Our Man in Japan. A much better show for me. Its a really cool, fun, entertaining show. We watched the second episode where James May jumped into a giant Gundam Wing type machine and had a airsoft style battle with a AT-ST style walker. He did other things too, but you’ll just have to watch the episode to fine out what happens next.

We watched a couple of YouTube videos on David Tennant on Good Omens and then a audio file of him swearing. Stop, I can only get so erect.

Afterwards I went to bed. I didn’t sleep really well, I had a hard time  getting there and then a hard time staying asleep. Like I woke up wide awake at 530, but I managed to fall asleep for a little while, and then Fiks had to leave for work. I slept a little bit longer and then I moved out to the sofa with a bowl of cereal and Futurama. I managed to fall asleep for an episode or two.

After a while I got dressed and went over to my parents house to take care of Gucci. I got him to turn around for a couple of carrots.


I went inside and said hi to Poppa and Lumi, and then I went upstairs and said hi to Mom. We both came back down stairs and watched what Poppa had on the TV. It was first something about WWII planes, then it was onto conspiracy theories. One episode was like a new segment every 10 minutes, and then the next one was on the space race and if man really went to the moon.

I took Gucci for a nice 10 minute graze, he seemed to really enjoy himself, so that was nice.


After I went back inside I made sandwiches for lunch. We continued to watch the conspiracy show, this one being the episode if we really went to the moon or not. As the daughter of an aerospace physicist I believe that yes, we did really go to the moon. Anyway, after the episode I came home. Well, I ran a couple errands first.

I swung by the local postal annex to drop off my Amazon returns (the suit), and then I swung by the feed store to pick up Gucci’s feed for the next couple of weeks. I talked with my cousin while listening to The Ralph Report. I unloaded the dishwasher and loaded it because all the dishes in the sink were driving me crazy. Then I started browsing on Amazon.

Before we got married, I had this collection of wedding scrapbook stuff. I had a book, I had pages, I had stickers, everything I wanted for the perfect scrapbook for our day. Do you think I can find it?

I’ve searched everywhere I can think of. I even checked downstairs in the basement thinking they might have somehow gotten down there. Well, now I just looked over a box which had something that looked like my scrapbook stuff. AND I FOUND IT!!!

So I’m going to go work on that for a while. I guess looking at wedding stuff on Amazon somehow jogged my memory or made me notice the box.

Well I got one page done. That’s it. I went through all the photos and decided that I needed certain ones in order to do what I want, so I’m ordering more photos.


I watched Madam Secretary for a little while and then Fiks came home and I started dinner. I had marinated some chicken in balsamic vinegar, got the rice cooking along with the broccoli. So while Fiks got changed I started everything.

So Fiks and I had dinner. We watched an episode or two of James May; Our Man in Japan. Then Fiks went and started working on my belt again. I finished the episode of Madam Secretary I was watching before Fiks came home. That took me up to my bedtime.

I didn’t sleep good last night, neither did Fiks. We’re both tired today. I’ve basically been up since 4, so at 530 I got up and made a bowl of cereal and watched M*A*S*H. I stayed in the living room until Fiks was up, he got ready for work and I got ready for the grocery store.

Ahhh the grocery store. It was fairly empty at 10 to 7. I was going around and getting my groceries. So I went up the cereal isle on the hunt for golden grams (they didn’t have any), but there was this woman who was standing where the golden grams live, so I moved up so I could see past her. She was wearing a full on painters mask, but no gloves. But she flipped out on me. I said she was okay, because they didn’t have what I wanted. So she yells at me “Its not okay! If I catch this and I die its all your fault!” Special. She was touching everything and then glared at me and all the other people walking around the store. Besides that it was fine.

I went over to my parents house and Gucci let out this huge whinny, and I went over with carrots and saw that he had thrown the bucket out and had no hay. So I gave him breakfast.


I went to go inside and no one else was up. So I unlocked the door and took my cold/frozen groceries in. I went into the living room and let Lumi out and we watched some Futurama together. And then he wanted in the back yard, so I did. Then it was this game of in and out with him. I just left the door open.

Poppa came down first and put it on The Bone Collector. Mom came down a little bit later, and she had her cup of coffee and a cinnamon roll, we all had cinnamon rolls. We finished The Bone Collector, then watched Crocodile Dundee, then The Da Vinci Code.  Poppa and I went outside to paste Gucci and take off his blanket. He did good for his pasting, and he was happy to get his blanket off. We let him outside for a graze, but he didn’t. I guess grass isn’t the pallet cleanser I once thought it was.


I came home after putting Gucci away for a nap. I put on M*A*S*H and fell asleep for a little while until Fiks called me and asked what I wanted from Togos for lunch. I got a ham and cheese sandwich. We watched more of James May, then Fiks had to get back to work. I left to change out the feed I had miss ordered, and then I went to the doctors office to get my note to get back to work. They told me I can just email my doctor and print it out at home, so I came back home and emailed her. Waiting to hear back.

On a side note…


Seriously! Seriously pissed off!

Anyway, I’ve spent my afternoon on the sofa trying to catch some Z’s, being unsuccessful. Its 6 o’clock, I just heard from my doctor (I emailed her at 130). She won’t give me a note until she talks to me tomorrow morning. She says they are usually giving 7 days off or 3 of feeling entirely better. So I’m hoping I can talk her back into letting me work at least starting Friday. I can’t not work for 7 days.

After a while I got tired of the Madam and put on Corpse Bride. I loved this movie when it came out, I even have a hoodie of it. Well, its of the ravens in it, but it says Corpse Bride on the front. I also started Amazon shopping for scrapbooking stuff. And I am going to order frames for out 8×10 photos from the wedding we have.

Fiks got home around 745, so he was having dessert while I was eating dinner, but we both finished the Corpse Bride together, so that was nice. He was looking into using Roll20 as a platform for us to game on this weekend. I went to bed.

I slept okay last night, minus waking up at 3 and being wide awake. So I took one of my insomnia pills and fell back to sleep a short time later. I woke up around 815 and grabbed my headset and headed into the living room to have my bowl of cereal and to watch Futurama. I waited for my doctor to call me and she was right on time. I tried to talk her into letting me start work again tomorrow, but because I’m in the high risk category I have to take the full 7 days just to make sure I’m okay. Blows, but she gave me a note to give to my boss.

I went over to my parents afterwards and said hi to Gucci. He turned around for a couple of carrots.


I went inside and saw that my sister was there helping them find the rock salt that they need for their water softener. So yeah. Lumi was loony, as usual. She wanted to talk more than watch anything. When mom went upstairs to get dressed I went outside to let Gucci have a graze.


We had a nice graze; about 13 minutes. Then he followed me to his stall where I put his fly mask on and then he followed me into his stall and stole another carrot from me. I went and grabbed the feed I had exchanged yesterday and brought it over to the feed shed. I made up his buckets and he was so cute I gave him another carrot.

I went back inside and my sister and Poppa were talking. Mom came back down shortly after. We played with the dog for a little while then my sister said she wanted to head home, so she did. Mom wanted to watch a movie with me so we watched Aladdin (the original with Robin Williams). I found myself singing along with it under my breath, I still remembered most of the words. That surprised me a little.

Halfway through Poppa and I pasted Gucci so that I could give him some treats when I left after the movie was done. Poppa asked me to pause the movie so he didn’t miss anything. When he came back in we started it again. Poppa worked on his paper work, Mom and I petted Lumi until he got tired of us petting him and then moved to a different part of the sofa.

I came home and had a couple of packages waiting for me. One was my dice tray from Fantasydice.


I had to get the blue unicorn, it just was talking to me. I’ll throw some dice in there later. I also got a shirt and a thermos that is way to big for my liking. I think I’m going to return it and order a smaller one. I put on House so I could color a little.

Its easier for me to put something on that I could be distracted by, like House, unlike Madam Secretary. I love Hugh Lorie, I remember watching him back in the day on Black Adder.

Fiks came home early from work today, which was nice. We played a little with my new dice tray and rolled some dice. A lot of 13’s. But the top is a dice tray too, so if I don’t want to play with the little one, I can use the big one. Or, as Fiks said, I can use the little one in my lap and let everyone else roll in the lid.

Fiks passed out and I continued to watch House. Well, now its The Jungle Book. But Fiks eventually woke up and we did a quick dinner and he jumped on his computer to play games (I think?) with his friends. After The Jungle Book I returned to House to finish the episode that I was watching. I did some more coloring too.

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I slept okay last night, only waking up once, I think. I didn’t need to take an extra pill, so that was an improvement. I didn’t wake up with my alarm, and I kind of felt guilt about it, until I rolled over and went back to sleep for another hour. I was going to finish my audio book but that would have taken another hour and it was already 830. So I got up and turned on the TV and made myself a bagel.

I put it on M*A*S*H for an episode or so then I got dressed and went over to my parents house to see Gucci. He was happy to see me even though I only 1 carrot. I told him he had to make a happy face at me, not a grumpy one, so he put his ears forward. I went inside and said hi to Mom and Poppa. She had it on a show that was talking about COVID-19 and it was winding her up, so we changed it. Then she went upstairs to take a shower and I went out to give Gucci a graze, but apparently it was nap time.


So I went back inside and Poppa and I watched How to Steal a Million. After a while I went out to check if Gucci was done with his nap and he was, so we went for a graze. We did about 10 minutes. I gave him a new bale of shavings and he was grazing and watching me do this, he decided it was time to go in.

Then I went inside and Mom came down and the 3 of us finished the movie. While we were watching the movie I got a email from the job that I was applying for a just did an interview with. They are putting the process on hold because of COVID-19. I’m not really sure how I feel about this. I want to know if I passed or failed the oral boards, that all I want to know. Now I think I’m just going to worry until the whole process stars up again.

Mom came out and helped me paste the boy, then I made my way home. Fiks beat me here for lunch, he had Togo’s, I made myself a sandwich at home. We watched more of Jame May: Our Man In Japan. After Fiks left I put it back on House and jumped on the computer for a while.

I put some dice in my dice tray. Just my favorites that I like to play with.


I have 2 sets showing up sometime within the next month. Blue unicorn and Phoenix dice. If you don’t know why I picked these then you haven’t been paying attention. (Blue unicorn matches the dice tray, Phoenix because I want a Phoenix tattoo) I got them from RPGTs.

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I spent most of my afternoon flopped on the sofa watching House. Not very productive I know. But I cleaned up the kitchen and started the dishwasher when I was bored of being on the sofa. I hate doing the dishes, but its something that needs to be done and it drives me nuts when the dishes just sit in the sink. Like 1 or 3 is okay, more than that and it bugs me.

I started the oven after I did the dishwasher so it’d be up to temperature when Fiks got home so we could have pyes for dinner. While waiting for our pyes to cook my sister came over because she was having issues with her phone. It just would not stop talking. Fiks took a look at it and it was driving him crazy too. But eventually he got it fixed. I had the cornish pasite, he had the lamb and sausage roll. And then we finished Jame May: Our Man in Japan. Then we watched Kitbull, which tugs on  your heartstrings. After that we watched some YouTube videos and then I went to bed.

I woke up around 1 and saw Fiks still wasn’t in bed. I went out to the living room and saw that he was asleep on the sofa. So I gently woke him up and got him to come to bed. I fell back to sleep once he was there. I woke up with my alarm long enough to turn it off and then go back to sleep. I woke up at 730 and was wide awake, so I got out of bed and made myself a bagel and some hot chocolate and put on M*A*S*H.

After a while Fiks woke up and had a cup of tea with his breakfast. Then we headed down the mountain towards Gucci, but we made a pit stop at his work first so he could pick up his sweater. First time he came out with the wrong sweater, second time it was right. Then we went and saw Gucci. He was waiting at the gate for us to give him carrots. Then we went inside and said hi to Mom, Poppa, and Lumi. Then we went back outside to let Gucci have another graze before the rain came in and he’s stuck in his stall for the next couple of days.


We heard a turkey making his gobble gobble noise walking above the property and into the field next door. Gucci thought this was very spooky, I mean interesting.


We pasted him out in his paddock, Fiks running interference for me when he tried to get  away from me. Then we hung out and talked with Mom and Poppa for a while. Fiks was explaining the new gaming platform we’re going to use tonight to Poppa who seemed interested in it. So that was pretty cool.

We swung by the grocery store on our way out. We picked up milk, marshmellows, and rice crispy cereal so we could make rice crispy treats later. It had started raining while we were inside. There were so many people there it was crazy. So many people wearing masks and gloves. Its getting scary out there, boys and girls.  Fiks was talking about making masks for us tomorrow. His work is recommending them for him.

When we got home we cleaned up the kitchen and made the said rice crispy treats. Nom nom nom. The we watched some house and set up Roll20for gaming tonight. He’s using the computer and I’m using his laptop. After getting cleaned up we watched Ratatouille for like the first 10 minutes then we put in on YouTube to watch some cooking videos.

Gaming went okay. We all had problems using the platform it felt like. My brother had the worst time using it. He got the platform to work on his third computer. And then we started gaming. So we left where we took the dragons head and headed toward the castle through the forest and we had an encounter where we fought like 10 bad guys, maybe more. After that I went to bed. I woke up at 1 and they were still playing. Woke up at 3 and Fiks was still at his computer. So I made him come to bed and then I tossed and turned the rest of the morning until my alarm went off.

I got dressed and made myself some breakfast and a hot chocolate to go thanks to that new Hydro Flask; I guess I’m keeping it if I used it already. I felt bad about waking Fiks up, because it was only 3 hours since he went to bed, but he hopped in his car and I hopped in my truck and off to work I went.

It was raining pretty hard on my way down, so I didn’t drive too fast. When I got there there was another car waiting there. I thought it was a residents car, so I drove through the resident gate to lower it and then I parked where I usually parked. There was already another security guard there and punched in, so I came home. Fiks made sure that it was me coming home and then I left him in bed and put back on Ratatouille.

I fell asleep during the movie and must have been asleep for awhile afterwards because the screen saver was on. Yay for more sleep I guess. I put on Dr Pol afterwards and fell asleep again for an episode or two. I decided to get changed and saw that Fiks was awake. So he gave me a run down of what happened after I went to bed. Then we put our laundry form last week away and I started the first load of the day.

Fiks came out and had breakfast and I went over to my parents house to take care of Gucci. It was down pouring on my way over, I couldn’t get the water off my windsheild fast enough at times. But I got there in one piece, so that’s good. I went and checked on Gucci and his top line (back) was slightly wet. So I decided to change him to a waterproof blanket.


I went inside and said hi to Mom, Poppa, and Lumi and Mom was talking on the phone when I got there. So I sat down and gave Lumi some attention and played throwie with his stuffed toy Simba. Poppa helped me paste the boy, he did pretty good for me today. Then I left and came home to find Fiks looking for his sewing foot for his machine. We tore apart the spare bedroom looking for it. I went downstairs into the basement looking for it, and he found it over by his computer. I don’t know why it was there, but it was and at least we found it.

He showed me the fabrics he’s going to use to make the masks. A white fabric lining and then he’s going to make 2 for himself for work and one for me. One is his regular mask and one is going to be his ‘metal’ mask. I’ll show you why.


Its dark and morbid to use fabric like this, but hey, its what we’ve got and the fabric stores are all closed. He’s not totally comfortable with wearing this fabric at work, so he’s making one with just black fabric. But that’s not all this fabric does, oh no. It GLOWS IN THE DARK!!!


So yeah, that’s what I’ll be wearing when I go out in public from now on. Hehehe. I also had some Doctor Who stickers show up today, and I’m going to put them on my Hydro Flasks. I just have to pick which ones I want. I have narrowed it down to these for my water one which already says ‘Bad Wolf’ on it.


I ended putting the 3 silhouettes (11, 10, and 13) on. 10 is my favorite, followed by 11, then 13. If they had a 9 and 12 stickers they would have wound up on the bottle too. I know I have the one sticker of all of them, but I wanted to be able to spread them out on my bottle.

I put on The Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End on while Fiks sewed the mask. And I moved the laundry, so go me for being a little productive. Otherwise I was just on the sofa watching the movie. Fiks had a really hard time with the first one, but I think he’ll get better as he works on them. The current problem is that they fog up his glasses really quick.

The second mask seemed to go a lot smoother and quicker. He made it my size (small) after putting a few new darts and seams in. I ordered breast tape for us to stick it to our faces around the nose for now. Even thought that won’t get here until Friday. Better late then never I guess.

We started dinner (steak and fries) and watched Onward. Its really cute. We paused it to be adults and take out the garbage and recycling. We popped some popcorn and enjoyed the movie.


I like it. You should watch it.

See you next week!

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