Happy Easter (And goodbye Cloud Jumper) (Week 15)

Hi from Monday!

I actually slept last night. I woke up once in the middle of the night. Then I think I woke up when Fiks’ alarm went off. But I slept. I slept in even. I haven’t done that in a while, so it was a nice feeling. I feel better today because I slept a little bit more. I woke up and had a bagel and made myself some hot chocolate and put on M*A*S*H.

After an episode I got dressed and headed to my parents house. It was raining pretty good on my way down so I took it easy, I wasn’t in a rush. When I got there I went and said hi to Gucci who I told to make me a nice face before I gave him carrots. He did.


He looked pretty good. He was dry, so that was nice to see. It wasn’t very warm outside, so I think the blanket was keeping him at just the right temperature. And he had hay, so I didn’t have to give him any. I went inside and said hi to Mom and Poppa. and Lumi, who went bonkers. Mom was playing ball with him when I came in.

Poppa came out with his laptop and asked me to do make a new account for mom and then help him with a website. So I did. It took me a while to get everything sorted out, and get the accounts going, but eventually I did.

Afterwards I went and gave Gucci his medicine. He gave me a little bit of a hard time, but I got the medicine down him. Then I made up his buckets. I guess he was still mad at me about the medicine because he didn’t supervise me making his buckets like he usually does.

I went back inside and we had sandwiches together while watching the news. While we were having sandwiches our Ring doorbell went off and I was able to check the footage a little later and it was our pye delivery. Yay! After we ate our sandwiches I came home and brought in the garbage cans and moved the laundry. Then I turned on House.

I wish that my photos that I ordered were showing up today, but they aren’t until Friday at the earliest. Because then I could work on my scrapbook while home alone. I have stuff for it showing up today and Wednesday.

I fell asleep while watching House. Kind of woke up to the thumping steps of the UPS man on the stairs dropping off my package. But I remained lazy and stayed on the sofa for a episode or two more before getting up and grabbing the package. Its pages for my scrapbook, which does me no good without the photos. Grrrr.

Fiks was working late so I had dinner while watching some more House. He got home and we watched some more House while he ate his dinner. I ran outside when the postman came by and picked up my package that he wouldn’t bring up the stairs. Lazy bugger. My 8×10 frames showed up, so at least I can do something with those photos. We watched a couple videos before I went to bed.

I didn’t sleep really well last night, so that sucked. I made myself a bagel and found some Futurama to watch…well, sleep to. Then I put it on M*A*S*H and fell asleep through that too. I eventually woke up and got dressed for work and went over to my parents house and said hi to Gucci.


I gave him a couple carrots then went inside and said hi to Mom, Poppa, and Lumi. Mom was frustrated with Lumi because he was barking up a storm while she was on the phone apparently. So I played with him for a little bit and that seemed to help calm him down, less barky anyway.

I got Gucci out and we went and did his 3 laps around the house and then we grazed where it wasn’t boggy.


The graze went fine, he enjoyed himself. At least I think he did. He eventually followed me into his stall where I gave him 2 cookies for being such a good boy.

I went back inside and Lumi was lying down not barking like a good boy. I played with him a little bit more while waiting for Mom to come back down. We watched some Hallmark movie (she enjoys them), and then I made myself a sandwich before leaving for work. Poppa came in after puttering around outside and told me that it was getting warm out there. So I left a little early so I could take off Gucci’s blanket so he wouldn’t overheat.

I got to work and sat in my truck and reading my book (13), I like it its just slow going and once it does get going I have to either go to sleep or go into work. So I was just getting into it when I had to go into work. They let me in the back so I could get into my uniform.


So this is how the mask fits on me. Not too bad. But I got dressed and punched in and put on my gloves and started my shift. Everything went fine until the end of the day where I had to be the end of the line and people were coming up and I had to tell them the gentleman in front of me was the last member. One man started yelling at me for his branch closing (not my fault), that it was the only time he could do it (doubt it). I told him to go talk to the manager and if she said yes then I’d let him in. She must have said no because he stormed off to his car. Everyone else that I explained it to seemed understanding of it. So that was nice.

I came home and got changed and threw on House and then I jumped onto the computer. The postman came by and dropped off my package with scrapbooking stuff, which does me no good without the pictures who are in….Illinois and something happened to them so now they won’t be here until Monday instead of Friday.

Fiks got home kinda late and got changed and asked what I had had for dinner. I didn’t realize that it was so late that it was past dinner time. We both had leftovers and watched some House together. After a while I went to bed and read my book.

I didn’t sleep really well last night. I woke up at 1, then at 3, which is when I took my medicine for my insomnia. I don’t think it really worked this night, because I just tossed and turned until Fiks alarm went off. I got up with him and went over to my parents house. I said hi to Gucci who gave me a whinny; not nearly as mighty as last week. I offered him a carrot before breakfast and he gladly took it.


I gave him his breakfast bucket but he didn’t look like he needed any hay, so I passed on that. I went inside and knew someone was up because the heater was on and the coffee was brewing. Mom and Poppa came out from the door and we said hi. We watched the news for a little while before Mom and I went to the grocery store.

The store was fine. It wasn’t too busy for it being 8 o’clock, so that was nice for me. I listened to the ID10T podcast that I didn’t finish yesterday at work. And then I listened to most of a Ralph Report before we were done. We had to double back for Mom a few times, so that made it take longer than it should have. But hey, we got it done.

We went back to my parents house and unloaded the groceries into the house and into my truck. Then I pasted Gucci who was a pretty good boy for me about it. I made up his buckets then went back inside to discover it was time to take Mom to her nail lady. So I dropped her off there and then I went home.

I got home and put most of the groceries away. I made sure that the important things (cold/frozen) got put away. I threw on some M*A*S*H and jumped on the computer for a little while. Then I wound up taking a nap for an episode or two. So I feel a little bit better.

After M*A*S*H I put House back on and then I called my folks to see how they were doing. Lumi’s grooming appointment was canceled. So Mom and I are going to have to clip him some time next week because there is no way the dog is going to last until May.

I wanted to be productive in some way, so I pulled out and opened one of the Amazon boxes that have shown up over the past few days. I swear that I ordered a 4 pack of 8×10 frames, but they sent me a 6 pack. I don’t know what I’m going to do with the last two frames.


So I got out our 4 8×10 pictures and worked on putting them in the frames.


Maybe I’ll order 2 more 8x10s. Or just save them, I don’t know.

Fiks called and woke me up from a unplanned nap. He was wondering what was going on on the edge of town. The local sheriff’s office, California Highway Patrol, and the local police department had and were responding. Fiks saw a CHP with his rifle out and then saw the SO’s with their pistols drawn all around a little shopping center. He was calling to see if I knew what was going on. I didn’t and I don’t talk to my contact at the local PD anymore. Their decision, not mine.

I was just flopped on the sofa again and my Mom said they were going to my sisters to drop off her cat. So I went over there to see the kitty and make sure that he was okay. He was coming back from the vets because he was having problems with his bladder apparently. We all made sure that he was happy (fed) and comfortable before we all left. My parents said that they were going to swing by Costco on their way home. I wished them good luck.

Fiks got home kinda late, but he was still awesome and made tacos after he got changed and shaved. He did the chopping and I did most of the cooking. I’m not super confident in my knife skills. I know the best way to get better is practice, but… yeah.

Anyway, tacos were good. We watched Ink Master and then something else that I don’t remember. Or maybe it was just Ink Master. I went to bed and Fiks made himself another mask.

I didn’t sleep great, but I did sleep better than the night before, so I guess that’s a good thing. I finally got out of bed before 8 and then I watched some Futurama while I ate breakfast. I got dressed and went over to my parents house to take care of Gucci. He was kind of grumpy with me this morning. He didn’t want to turn around for his carrots this morning and just kept his ears back. I don’t know if he was grumpy because his arthritis was acting up because it was kind of cold and wet. But I eventually got him to turn around.


I went inside and said hi to Mom, Poppa, and Lumi who went bonkers when he saw me. I made up Gucci’s medicine and Poppa and I went and pasted him, and he did pretty good considering he was grumpy earlier. Then we went back inside and watched the news for a little while. I gave Gucci his goodbye cookies and then I headed to work.

I got to work early and listened to music and read my book until it was time to go in. I was trying to punch in when my supervisor walked in. Good thing I wasn’t hooked up to my headset yet, because he doesn’t like seeing that. He told me that it was okay that I couldn’t punch in because of the schedule change.

The day went fine. I talked and BS’d with some of the employees there. One of them is a gamer nerd, so I talk to him quite a bit. He was the one that turned me onto Not Another D&D Podcast. He said something amazing about déjà vu. He said that he thinks that déjà vu means that you’re being nudged onto the right path. I thought that was really good view on it.

I kind of took over the door duties towards the end of the shift. Thankfully it wasn’t too busy so we were able to get things done and one of the tellers stood outside with the “Last Member” sign. We were close to able to close on time. I let the last member out at 5 past 4. Apparently yesterday they weren’t able to close until 430. Crazy.

I came home and got changed and threw on some House and then jumped on the computer for a while. I received a email from my best friend from high school that kind of made me sad but I totally understand. Due to COVID-19 she’s canceling her wedding and just doing a small ceremony with family. Its a hard decision, but she’s totally doing the right thing.

Fiks got home kind of late, so I made myself dinner without him (nachos) and continued to watch House. Fiks came home while my dinner was in the oven. He got changed and played games with his friends online while I continued to watch TV. I told him about my friends wedding, and he said it was okay to be sad about it. We snuggled for a little bit and then I went to bed.

I actually slept better last night. I woke up a couple of times but I was able to get back to sleep. So I feel a lot better this morning. I had my bagel and watched some Futurama, then I got dressed and did a couple of errands before heading over to Gucci. Gucci, who was in a better mood today.


He was waiting for me to come over and pick up a carrot for him to devour. So I broke it in two because it was a big-ish carrot. He was definitely happy after his carrots. I went inside and said hi to Mom and Lumi, and then poppa when he showed up. Poppa helped me paste the boy, and then I took off his blanket because it was meant to get up to 70 degrees today. Then I made up his buckets as Poppa walked Lumi around the property.  I went back inside, helped them with the Roku (they wanted Showtime, we don’t have a subscription for that), and watched some Dr Pol. Then I had to leave for work. But not without stopping and giving my boy 2 goodbye cookies.


I got there early and there was a line already formed at the bank. I stayed in my truck and read my book for a little bit before putting my uniform on. I had to switch shirts because I lost a couple of buttons on one, and I think I’ve gained weight since my surgery because it was a tight fit. It sucks.

Work went fine. I listened to a couple of podcasts and just people watched basically. I helped direct people to the correct teller (if they got lost) and just did my job. Nothing really happened today, so that was good. They stayed open 5 minutes past closing, then I was there for another 15 letting people out.

I came home and got changed and put on, you guessed it, House. I checked FB and saw that another friends wedding in May was canceled for now. It makes me glad that we got married last year. And then I feel guilty and selfish that I got my special day and my friends aren’t getting theirs like they want. So yeah.

Fiks got home on time so that was nice. We went and got Chinese for dinner then watched more House. I talked Fiks into coming to bed with me since he was tired and he left the bedroom to go get his Kindle out of his bag and slipped or tripped going down the stairs and possibly broke a toe. It was just past the time that Urgent Care closes and he didn’t want to go to the local hospital. So we threw an ice pack on it and kept it elevated and he stayed on the sofa and I went to bed.

I woke up a couple times during the night to check on him and to try to get him to come to bed, but he wouldn’t budge. He finally made it to bed around 330. I tossed and turned for most of the rest of the night. I woke up with my alarm and got myself ready for work. I packed my lunch and made breakfast and a hot chocolate to go.

I got to work on time, I just had to punch in first before getting in my uniform because I left the house a little late. But the day went fine. I finally finished my book (13), I really enjoyed it (minus that one weekend I couldn’t get into it) and started a new book (17) . I had a lot more traffic than I have since the lock down, so that was kind of weird.

After work I went over to my parents house after work and said hi to Gucci. He turned around without a fuss for his carrots today, so that was good.


Can I just keep my face pressed against his face and call him my mask? Take him everywhere with me? I think we both need some good time together.

Anyway. After seeing Gucci I went to the house and the door was locked, but I could see both of them in the house. I tried knocking, waving my arms back and forth, and on my second round of knocking I set off the dog and Poppa turned around and saw me at the door and let me in. I said hi to Poppa and Mom, Lumi was in his kennel because Poppa was cleaning the floors. Mom was making the syrup for the orange dish she’s making for Easter dinner tomorrow.

Poppa and I shared a Hot Crossed Bun each and then I made up the boys medicine and we went out to give it to him. He was really good about it today. We gave him his dinner while we were out there, and he dove into his bucket. Mom came out with Lumi and said he needed to go for a walk, so we went down along Gucci’s stall and once Lumi got in the tall grass he did his business. After going back inside I said bye to Mom and Poppa and came home.

Fiks was home one the sofa with the news that his toe wasn’t broken, just a bad bone bruise. Yay! No broken bones! I put my stuff away and got changed and ordered some pizza. Fiks was up to something he wouldn’t let me know about yet, and then he turned on the Playstation and started to play Final Fantasy VII Remake and man, is it pretty.


So he played that for maybe 10 minutes before he hooked up his laptop to the TV and turned it over to The Thrilling Adventure Hour Live. It was really fun. They did Sparks Nevada Marshal on Mars, Moonshine Hollow, and Beyond Belief. All three were good. Our dinner showed up (pizza), and we ate that while we were watching. It finished just in time for us to get ready to start our gaming session.

The session went fine. I just felt totally useless. I don’t know what to do with my character unless we’re fighting. And even then I’m not really sure on what to do. I just go and stab things with my blood spear. I’ve never played a tank before, and I obviously have a hard time with it. I like playing rouge-ish characters. Sneaky and stealthy and get into and out of trouble. Hard to do something like that when you’re 7 feet tall. I have a dream character I’d like to play, but I’ll wait until this campaign is over before I ask to make a new character.

I acutally slept last night. I woke up at 1 and Fiks was still up, but I went back to sleep. And then I woke up at (what I thought was 1) 3, when Fiks came to bed. Went back to sleep until my alarm went off and I snoozed it for 15 minutes, then I got up and dressed for work. I made my breakfast and hot chocolate, and packed my lunch and then off to work I went.

My day was fine, just slow as per the norm now. I read and finished my book (17), and started a new one (18). The fancy restaurant was open for take out Easter lunch and or dinner, so I had a flow of people for that. Happy Easter by the way.

But the day went by okay. I guess there were some kids prowling around a house yesterday and no one called or told me. So I got chewed out because there were kids around and I did nothing, ignoring the fact that I knew nothing about it until today. There is nothing I can do about it  24 hours after you tell me. There was also a couple who drove onto the green last night and decided to have a picnic around 6pm, long after I’m gone.

After work I went over to my parents house and said hi to Gucci, who was waiting for his carrots. There were no carrots out there, so I ran in the house to get him a couple and then I went back to his stall. He took the carrots with glee. psx_20200412_181953

Mom, Poppa, Lumi and my sister were waiting inside, helping make dinner. Well, the stuff was cooking when I walked in. They asked me to make dip, but I didn’t want to make it. Well my sister wanted it so I had to make it anyways. But I had 1 little drink before that. Fiks showed up, so I ran out to great him, and Lumi almost made a jail break, but I caught him. Fiks helped me with the dip, so we all nibbled on that before dinner. While waiting for things to finish cooking we went outside and gave Gucci his dinner and I made up his buckets. I told Fiks to let him out if he wanted out, he wouldn’t go far. He didn’t.


We went back inside and dinner was ready. It was ham, 2 different types of potatoes, asparagus, and stuffing. I had ham, the roasite potatoes, and stuffing. Everyone else had a helping of everything. It was good. Afterwards we made a phone call to UG and talked with him for 7ish minutes. Then my brother called my sisters phone, so we did a video call with them for 15ish minutes. Afterwards I made Gucci’s medicine and we went and pasted him. I almost dropped the syringe, but I caught it before it his the ground. We went inside and said goodbye, and then came home.

I came home and got and Fiks was awesome and worked on another mask for me. I jumped on the computer and turned on House while I was goofing around.

I think I’m going to start to go for walks tomorrow. I need to loose weight. And if I get bored of that I can go for bike rides, or hopefully join a gym when they open back up. I’m just not happy with myself, and I know that exercise can help with that. It can help with my depression and with the weight loss. I think a 10 minute waddle is a good place to start. 5 minutes down and 5 minutes back. Doesn’t sound to hard. Just making sure I do it will be the challenge.

I asked Fiks if he had seen or fed Cloud Jumper today, and he said no. So I got up and looked in his tank and he was up against the intake valve and not moving. Fiks flashed a light at him and I moved some plants to get to him but he was gone. We lost him. It made me really sad, I started crying. Fiks was upset too.


I think I’m going to take the rest of the night off and just not think…

See you next week


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