I forgot to get a title… (Week 17)

Hi from Monday!

I slept. I actually slept last night. I woke up once but I was able to get back to sleep. And then I had to wake up, sigh. I got up and made myself a bowl of cereal and turned on the TV and watched Futurama for a couple of episodes, and then I put on a couple episodes of M*A*S*H.

Then I got dressed and headed over to my parents house after bringing down a load of laundry. I was down pouring on my way down the mountain, so I took it easy. I got to my parents house and it wasn’t raining nearly as bad as it was at home, so that was nice. A person in a Mercedes came into my line around a corner. I honked at them and they went back into their lane, but it was scary. It would have been a total head on collision if I hadn’t honked at them. I got to my parents house in once piece, just a little shaken up, so I went over and gave the boy a carrot, he was moving kind of stiff today, poor guy.


I went inside to say hi to Mom, Poppa, and Lumi who was going loony, as usual. Poppa was busy working on his Lego Mustang that we got him for Christmas. My sister is working on a Lego Pirate Ship and it got his building juices going.


Mom had on The Incredible Doctor Pol on, so we sat and watched it for a little while. Then I decided I wanted to go out to Gucci, Mom came too. We put the halter on him so he could graze, and I raked up the grass that Poppa had mowed over the weekend into a nice pile.


Gucci enjoyed his time grazing, we didn’t go on any adventures today, but that’s okay, we don’t need an adventure every day. I made up his buckets and then I put him back into his stall. Mom and I went back inside and watched more Dr Pol, and Poppa continued to work on his Mustang.


Its the body for the car. The front wheels turn left and right. Its pretty cool. I can’t wait to see what it looks like when its done. After a while I came home and brought in the garbage cans and moved some laundry and came up stairs. I went for a walk before I sat down and became lazy. I went to the doctors office again, just did the route in reverse this time. Took me about the usual time, even with a little break.


Someone had done some coloring with chalk since my last walk; probably over the weekend, but they had written some cool stuff down and obviously had a game going on when they did it.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

When I came home I went and checked on Fishy and he had passed away. He was fine when I left this morning, I gave him breakfast even. I called Fiks and to let him know, and then I remembered he was in an area with poor reception, so I left a message. Then I got cleaned up and watched some House. I watched it until Fiks came home.

Fiks came home and got cleaned up and then he flopped on the bed. We talked and snuggled there for a little bit and then we got up to make dinner (steak and fries). We ended up watching this dicast cars rally show on YouTube. We got very invested in it, it lightened the mood in the house with both of us laughing. Afterwards I went to bed.

I slept pretty good last night, only waking up once that I remember, and then when Fiks left. I woke up soon after he left and got up and had a bowl of cereal and watched some Futurama. Then I got dressed and went to the grocery store on the hunt for carrots. The only carrots I could find was in 2lbs bags, so I got three. Then I went over to my parents house and Gucci was waiting at the gate, so I went and gave him his carrots.


Lumi was waiting at the door for me, so Mom let him out when I got close enough. I grabbed the carrots and walked into the house and then watched Lumi go crazy for a few minutes. I went over and inspected Poppa’s Mustang. Its coming along really nice.


Mom and I watched a Zoo show on Animal Planet. We like animals what can I say. When Poppa came down from his shower I made up Gucci’s medicine and we went and pasted him. He was a pretty good boy for it, no issues on his end, just mine. I had issues with the syringe. We went back inside and cleaned up. I hung out for a while before heading to work.

I got to work on time, so I read my book and listened to the radio before my shift started. The day went mostly fine. I had one lady using the ATM’s who was bat shit crazy. She was making racial slurs, trying to pick a fight with me and got pissed when I didn’t react, couldn’t stop moving. High as the sky. After that it was okay. We were able to close on time and I didn’t have to be the bad guy and say I was the end of the line.

I came home and got cleaned up and turned on House again, had a snack, and just waited for Fiks to come home. I started getting hungry and I thought that it might be nice for Fiks if dinner was ready when he got home. So I threw in a teriyaki pork tender loin in the oven, and started the rice and broccoli. While I was getting this ready Fiks sent me a text saying that he was going back out to deliver more packages. So maybe I’ll be eating dinner solo tonight. But I can at least keep everything warm for him, so that ‘s good.

Just read an article saying that masks are going to become mandatory if you’re going to be out in public in our county. Good thing I basically do that anyway. Fiks got home late, got cleaned up and then had his dinner while I had my dessert. He wanted to work on masks but he was so tired I talked him into going to bed with me. He was out as soon as he hit the mattress.

I woke up with him went he went to work. We got up early enough to have some cereal together and watch some news. We left at the same time, him zooming off to work and me heading to the grocery store. The store wasn’t too bad, not a lot of people, so that was nice. I listened to Steve Martin again because I didn’t have the Halestorm songs that I wanted to listed to. I did find a 25lbs bag of carrots, so Gucci will be set for 2 weeks… Hopefully. I got almost everything else on my list, they were out of limes for Fiks.

After the store I went to my parents house and Gucci was waiting at the gate for me wanting breakfast. So I fed him breakfast after giving him a carrot or two.


He wanted to get out for a graze, but I had frozen stuff, like ice cream, that needed to get put away. I gave him his breakfast bucket and then I went inside, where Lumi barked at me and gave me away. Poppa came out and helped me bring in my groceries. Well, he grabbed the carrots, I grabbed the cinnamon rolls (very important), and we went inside. Mom came in while we were in the kitchen. We sat down at the table and talked for a little bit, then she got up and had her coffee. We moved into the living room where Poppa showed off the progress of his Mustang.


We watched the news for a little while and then we changed the channel. I apparently dozed off at some point. I went outside with Mom and Poppa, and I went to go make Gucci his buckets. I let him out to graze but he wasn’t interested, just wanted to make mischief.


I had to stop making buckets and go and get him from the field and walked him back into his stall and put on his fly mask. I made up his buckets and he decided that he needed to supervise to make sure I was doing every thing right.


I went inside and made up Gucci’s medicine and then Poppa and I went outside and pasted him. He wasn’t happy about it today, but he let me do it. Then it was time for me to leave. So Poppa helped me with my groceries and then I gave him to the bottom of the hill to pick up the garbage cans.

I got home and put the cold and frozen groceries away and then I went for a walk, because I wanted to do it while it was still kind of cool. So I waddled to the doctors office and back. I listened to Disney music which was a mix that Amazon had made. It wasn’t too bad; a few classic songs and some modern ones.


Nice car.

I’ve been talking to my cousin all morning, sharing pictures of blue skies in different parts of the world. We’re going to set up a day to watch a Disney movie at the same time, I’m looking forward to that. I’m currently watching Les Misérables. I tried to take a nap during it, but I know pretty much all the words and I had it on surround sound, so that didn’t help any. But after I called my parents and said hi I turned on House and then I was able to take a nap, so yay! After I woke up I worked on one of my work shirts by sewing buttons on from another shirt.

I talked with Fiks and it sounds like he’s going to be out late again, so I made myself dinner of teriyaki pork nachos, not half bad. I talked with my cousin over getting Fiks a first anniversary present, she gave me a couple ideas and I found a present, or maybe 2, to order.

God. I can’t believe its almost been a year already. How time has flown by. And I don’t think I would change a thing about it.

After watching House for a while I turned to Netflixand they had Disney’s Tarzan, so I put that on with I talked with one of my friends since Fiks is in a no reception zone. I hadn’t watched that movie in a while.

Fiks called me while I was watching Tarzan. There was a tone in his voice and the way that he was speaking that I knew something was wrong. He had just been at the scene of an accident. It sounds really bad. I’m happy that he’s safe. I hope that the woman he helped try to save is okay. He describes it in a post on Facebook. I’ll ask him if I can post it on a separate post. I feel so bad for him, the only thing that I can do for him is be here for him and hopefully he’ll talk to me about it.

I stayed up late to make sure that he got home and was okay. I watched some M*A*S*H until he showed up, and once he did show up I continued the episode while he ate his fast food dinner. After the episode was over I went to bed. Once he was done with dinner he came and got cleaned up. I woke up for my kisses, and then went back to sleep. I woke up a couple times, and every time he was curled up next to me with me touching his arm or his hand. He usually sleeps on his other side, so his back is to me. Makes me know he needs comfort, so I have no problem touching his arm or holding his hand to make him more comfortable while he sleeps.

For those new to the posts, or those who have forgotten, I’ve kind of been in his seat. Not with an accident I rolled up on, but something like it. I have PTSD from it, its a lot better now, only happens during a certain time of year, but for a while I just had flashbacks a lot. I hope that Fiks doesn’t get it, but it sounds like there will be some residual effects. All I can do is let him know that I’ll be here for him. He has friends on Facebook that are reaching out to him. So at least he knows he’s not alone; which was part of my problem. I felt so alone during my crisis. Everyone else seemed okay from the incident, so that just made it worse.

Anyway, today went alright. I woke up to a goodbye kiss from Fiks, and I woke up a little bit later and got my bowl of cereal and watched some Futurama. I then got dressed and headed over to my parents house. I said hi to Gucci when I got there.


Poppa was out mowing the field, so I went out and said hi to him and see how he was doing. I was on my way up to put up the blanket bar so Gucci couldn’t escape from our property when he pointed out the grass was almost as tall as I was. He said he’d mow it down so I could put the bar up before I leave.

When I came back down from the field Mom let Lumi out. Lumi had a case of the zoomies. So he ran back and forth a couple of times, but he came back when we called him like a good boy, so he might be getting it. I watched the news with Mom, and then my Sister came over and let Lumi out again. But he came in early, he was too hot. Poppa came in a little bit before I left, so I said goodbye and gave Gucci his cookies and left.

On my way to work I almost got taken out by a woman who wasn’t paying attention to the road and just merged over without looking. She followed me down the freeway, going to fast for one corner and almost lost it. Then she moved lanes again without looking and almost took out a different truck. S.P.E.C.I.A.L.

And then a woman did a fantastic park job in the handicap spot. She was halfway into the next parking spot, the parking spot I wanted. So I took it anyway. I got some dirty looks from her getting out of her car. But I was as far over as I could go over and not be in the next parking spot. So I sat and read my book (20) and listened to the radio until it was time to go in and start my shift.

My shift went fine. We had a couple of crazy people come in, but they weren’t too bad. Neither of them really made a scene, were just being difficult. But I thought the tellers handled them really great. I tried to listen to my podcasts, but I kept being unable to split ear, so that was frustrating.

I came home and got cleaned up and turned on House. My parents were over at my Sisters place, so I went over there and got a slush puppy and had dinner. Chicken, corn bread, and corn. I helped Poppa BBQ the chicken. I told them about the fishy who passed, now called Mr. Betta. I brought a plate home for Fiks, who got home earlier than the previous night, so that was good. He seemed to enjoy the food I brought home, same things I did but with a potato. He was tired and came to bed with me.

I woke up once in the night, and it didn’t really make sense. I was in the kitchen with my blutooth headset and had it over the sink like a bottle to collect water. Thankfully I hadn’t turned the water on otherwise would be very sad, but yeah, really weird for me. I made my way back to bed and fell back asleep.

I woke up for Fiks’ kisses, and then I woke up with my alarm. I had a bowl of cereal and some Futurama before getting dressed and heading over to my parents house. I went over and said Hi to Gucci who was waiting for his breakfast.


I gave him a couple of carrots while I grabbed his bucket and his hay. Then I took off his blanket because it was already warm. I went inside and said hi to Mom and Poppa, and Lumi. Lumi wasn’t too crazy this morning, so that was nice. I waited until the farrier texted me that he was on his way, then I got Gucci out.

We did our 3 laps and we did some grazing while we were waiting. Then the farrier came rolling up the driveway.


I walked Gucci over to him and talked to him. Told him that he had a couple of off days, mostly when it was cold. He started the process of taking off the shoes. I felt bad both for Gucci and the farrier. Gucci was trying his hardest to be good, but he just hurt so much and the shoes were put on really well.


Apparently his shoes were no longer making his feet balanced, so he had to get new shoes instead of just his reset shoes. It’ll cost more this time, but its okay. I just want him to be okay. I’ve thought about getting him some boots for him to live in instead of shoes, but Mom and I decided to keep going with shoes for as long as he can take it.

After he got his new shoes, I handed off to Mom to run inside and made up Gucci’s medicine with a extra gram of bute in it. I said thanks to the farrier and then we scheduled his next appointment. Depending on if the shelter in place is lifted, he might be on vacation. I ran out of time, so I had half a sandwich on my way to work so I wasn’t totally hungry.

Work wasn’t too bad. No crazies today. It was just steady work. I’m used to smiling at people as they walk in or out, and it took me like an hour to remember they couldn’t see through my mask. On my break I called home and Mom said that Gucci probably needed more bute. So I went back into work and then I went over to my parents house to give Gucci some more bute. He wasn’t happy with me. Hopefully he’ll be happier with me tomorrow.

When I got home it was way to hot for a walk, like I wanted to do. I watched some House and waited for Fiks to come home. He got home at a decent time tonight. Fiks got cleaned up while I got ready for dinner. We did left overs for dinner, I did pork nachos and he did a double burger. We watched Love Never Dies, the sequel to Phantom of the Opera which was playing last week. I saw it live in London in 2010, and it was totally different from how I remembered it. I mean totally different opening and stage setting, Its was basically watching a new musical for me. Afterwards I went to bed.

I slept okay last night, I didn’t wake up in the kitchen with anything. Though I did venture there to refill my bottle of water that I keep by the bed. I woke up with my alarm and hit the snooze button and got up with it 10 minutes later. I got ready and dressed for work, kissed Fiks goodbye and made my breakfast and packed my lunch. Then I made my way to work.

Work went fine. I got caught a couple times drifting off to sleep. Thankfully it was so sunny I had my sunglasses on so I just claimed I was really into my book. But nothing really happened today, so that was nice. I was kind of busy, which was weird considering the is a Shelter in Place order still in place! God, people are so selfish and dumb. And so many people heading down to the beach today. Out of towners are just going to get the beaches shut down again, which sucks for the locals.

I left to go to see Gucci and on my way I almost got into my 3rd accident of the week. Person started to merge over when they were against my front wheel well. I had no where to go because I had a guard wall/rail on my right hand side, so I hit the breaks. We were almost fully off the off ramp and heading into the turn when they merged back onto the freeway.

I got to Gucci in once piece, thankfully. He’s still really sore and grumpy. But he turned around for his carrots.


I went inside and woke up Lumi who woke up Mom, but not Poppa, he was working on his Lego. I said hi to Mom and played ball with Lumi for a little bit. Then I went and made Gucci’s medicine. I gave him 3 grams of bute today to see if he’ll start feeling better. I think its going to take him a couple of days. Poppa went with me, but he was pretty good about it, and we gave him his dinner. We went back inside and I cleaned the syringe and ate some blood orange (yum!) and regular orange before coming home.

I came home and sat in the truck for an extra few minutes trying to gather myself before walking in the door. I had not responded to Fiks’ texts and I felt guilty about that, plus everything that had been going on this week, and stressed out that I had almost been in another wreck.

I came upstairs and unloaded my stuff and then went to the bedroom to get changed. Instead I flopped on the bed with the stuffed animals and just lied there slowly crying. Fiks came and checked on me and we talked what was going on for me, and him, and after that I felt better. So I got changed and came out to the living room with San (Fiks calls him my emotional support giraffe) (And San because I got him at the San Francisco zoo last year) and watched the Ralph Report Cocktail Party with Fiks. Fiks actually got to talk to Ralph, so that was pretty cool. I ordered dinner (pizza) while this was going on. We continued to watch until it was over, then we got ready for gaming.

Gaming went better for me this week it felt like. It helped that I rolled 2 or 3 natural D20’s, that was pretty awesome. I went to bed after a battle bout against some vampire weanlings. I read my book (21) for a little while and then I fell asleep. I woke up a couple times in the night, Fiks was there every time, so that was nice. I guess they didn’t stay up gaming too late this week.

I woke up with my alarm, after snoozing it once. I got dressed, kissed Fiks goodbye, and went and packed my lunch and made my breakfast. Then I went to work. It was a lot slower today. And I had a hard time getting back into book (20), and moved onto a different book (22) . Almost finished it today too.

I went over to Gucci after work and checked out his leg that Mom said looked fatter when I talked to her earlier. It did look a little swollen, so I decided to wrap it. After giving Gucci some carrots I went inside and said hi to Mom and Lumi and Poppa. Mom and I put some of the carrots in the drawer in the fridge. Then we went and got his medicine made up and headed outside.


He was walking in his paddock when we got outside, and he was looking pretty good. But I still wanted to give him his bute and wrap his leg. I called him over for carrots and gave him a hunk, and then Mom gave him carrots while I wrapped his right front leg. Hopefully he’ll keep it on today and tonight. He’s somewhat notorious for pulling on his wraps trying to get them off. Some days it works, some days it doesn’t. I made up his buckets and then I pasted him. I dropped the syringe with like a 3rd of it left in it, so I had to clean it up and paste him again. He was a good boy about it tho.

I came home after pasting the boy. I asked Fiks if he wanted to go for a walk with me, but he said it was too hot, and I agreed. We might go for one later once its cooler. He showed me what he’d been working on on Hero’s Forge and he’d designed a cool new character and played with some of the old models. I flopped on the sofa and put on Guardians of the Galaxy.

After the movie was done we went for a walk. We went to the doctors office and back again. I had to keep up with Fiks so it was was a little bit more of a work out then I do by myself. Shaved off a couple minutes by keeping up with him.

We came home and got cleaned up and then we had dinner, steak and fries, and we watched The Thrilling Adventure Hour broadcast that was a live stream yesterday. It was really good. After it was done Fiks and I did some adulting. Like taking out the garbage and recycle and then putting the laundry away. Then I went to bed.

See you next week!

One thought on “I forgot to get a title… (Week 17)

  1. Wow it has been nearly a year. With everything going on Ben and I cancelled our Germany trip and pushed it out to next year. We were going to get tattoos for our first anniversary, but since we can’t we got a larger TV.

    I’m sorry it’s been a rough week for you two and about Mr Betta. I hope this week improves


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