Wham, Bam, Shang-a-ling (Week 18)

Hi from Monday!

I slept last night. I woke up a couple of times, but I was able to sleep. I woke up wide awake at 630 this morning and couldn’t get back to sleep. I kept trying, and gave up around 715 and made my bowl of cereal and put on some Futurama and then an episode of M*A*S*H.

I left to go over to my parents house, but I swung by Nob Hill first to get the number to text for them to get their order tomorrow. They don’t have a text number at this store, you just call the store and they’ll bring it out.

Afterwards I went to my parents house and I went and said Hi to Gucci. He came walking in from the turn out and he was moving pretty good. I gave him his carrots and took off the wrap that I put on his leg yesterday. The leg looked better today.


I went inside and said Hi to Mom, Lumi, and Poppa. Mom was watching one of her Hallmark channel movies, Poppa was working in the kitchen. I told them about what to do at Nob Hill and then I programmed the number into the phone. Then I showed Poppa how to find the number in the phone.

We all sat and watched the movie for a while and then Mom went to go upstairs to get changed. When she came back down we watched the rest of her movie and then we went outside to see Gucci. Lumi came with us.

I got Gucci out and he seemed like he was moving pretty good for me, just a little tender on his left front still. Mom agreed. I let him have a graze for 15 minutes and then I put him back inside and gave him some cookies. I


I went inside and asked Mom if she wanted to go to the vet clinic with me to get Gucci’s medicine. She said yes, she wanted a change of scenery. So we jumped into the truck and off to the vet clinic we went. Traffic was fairly light, but there were still cars on the road. Once we got there I called the clinic and the tech came out with the medicine. She said hi to me and my Mom and then she went back inside and we left.

After we got back to my parents house I made up Gucci’s medicine and then Poppa and I went outside and pasted him. He was really good for it today, so that was nice. Afterwards I left and came home. I made myself a sandwich and watched some Disney+ for a little while. Then I turned to House and took an unplanned nap. I woke up with thumping coming up our stairs, turned out to be Fiks swinging by the house quickly before heading back to the station.

After I finished the episode of House that I was watching I decided to go for my walk. It was warm, so I took a bottle of water with me. My pace wasn’t as good as yesterdays, but that’s okay. My shins and calves were killing me. So I just listened to Disney music and went at my own pace, stopping where I needed to to catch my breath and once to rest my calves and shins.

Fiks got home at a good time. He got cleaned up and then we decided what to do for dinner. We did Chicken Fried Rice. We just had to cut up the chicken, cook it, and then mix and cook it with the rice. It wasn’t too bad. We watched a Thrilling Adventure Hour broadcast for dinner, so that was nice. It was their first one from March. Afterwards I went to bed.

I seemed to sleep okay, waking up once or twice in the night then being wide awake by 630 again. Getting really frustrating because I’m just tired later on in the day. But I woke up and had my bowl of cereal and turned on Futurama. My tummy did not agree with breakfast. I managed to keep it down, thankfully. I got dressed for work and headed to my parents house.


I got him to turn around for his carrots and some love and pets and then I went inside. Lumi started barking as soon as I got to the house. Mom said I must have got the drop on him because he was supposedly sleeping. But he was happy to see me. I sat down with Mom for a little while and we watched the news, then Poppa came into the kitchen. Mom helped me paste the boy, and then I put his fly mask on and sprayed him down with fly spray. Then I made up his buckets for the next few days and we went back inside.

They show that was on when we went inside was about COVID-19 and just depressing events around it. Mom finally decided to change the channel and she put it on the Hallmark channel. Sappy romance or depressing news? Sappy romance. I stayed and watched that for a little while before getting myself ready to go to work. I said goodbye to Mom, Poppa, and Lumi, and then I went and got Gucci’s goodbye cookies. He gladly turned around for those.

I got to work and someone was already in the parking spot where the shade comes in the afternoon, so I took the one next to it. The day itself went fine. No crazies or bitchy members, so that’s always nice. I couldn’t really listen to my podcasts sadly, just couldn’t focus on them like I usually can. Almost everyone had a mask today, I think they only handed out 2. That’s better than on the bank on Friday.


We had some bitchy people after we closed tho. One guy just waited fuming and I’m guess waiting for us to open the doors. He left. The next guy came up and bitched about our hours to all the other members that had come up. No one else seemed to have a problem with it which just pissed him off more.

I came home and got cleaned up and then I put on Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2. I paused it for the best scene for Fiks to get home because I know he loves that part.

So we watched that scene, paused it so he could get cleaned up. We got dinner together (left over pizza) and finished up the end of the movie. Once it was done Fiks put on Gladiator, which I hadn’t seen in forever and couldn’t believe its 20 years old already. Makes me feel old.

I also got up the… over the anxiety… and emailed my tattoo artist. I told him what I was looking for and sent him a couple of pictures to go along with it. I also sent him a photo of the tattoo he did for me 4 or 5 years ago to hopefully help jog his memory of who I am. We’ll see if it works.

I slept okay last night, so that was nice. I woke up with Fiks and we both got ready to go down the mountain to work and the grocery store. I got to the grocery store and it felt like no one was there. I listened to the Guardians of the Galaxy 2 soundtrack while I was walking around getting our groceries. And some groceries for my parents.

When I got to my parents house I went and said hi to Gucci who was waiting for his breakfast. I gave him a couple of carrots for his morning treat and then I gave him his bucket.


I didn’t give him any hay because his hay bag needed to be emptied of all the left overs and fine stuff that he wouldn’t eat. I went over and opened the truck and pulled out my cold and frozen groceries and put them away in the fridge. Poppa was busy peddling on his stationary bike and so I grabbed my kindle and read my book and kept an eye on Lumi until Mom came down.

Mom got her cup of coffee and then we sat and watched the news for a little while. I took a little unplanned nap while watching the news, and so did Mom. I woke up and went and asked Poppa if he wanted to go and unload Gucci’s hay bag, he said yes so we did. I let Gucci out to graze while we went and unloaded the hay bag. He decided to come and follow us to see what we were doing. Then he acted like he wasn’t doing anything and started to graze.


Then Mom came out with Lumi and so I went over to grab Lumi’s leash while Mom went back in the house to grab some carrots. Gucci came walking over when Mom said the word ‘carrot’. Lumi kept at the end of his leash and wouldn’t get near Gucci. Mom came back out with the carrots and so we petted him and spoiled him for a little bit. Then I walked him back into his stall and gave him a little more love before going back in the house.

Mom wanted to go to CVS to pick up her prescription and a couple of other things, so we loaded up the dog and Mom and went to CVS. We put our masks on and went inside after getting Mom a cart to use. We got the things that she needed and then headed back home.

Poppa was out and about on his tractor when we got home. We unloaded the stuff, put the pizza in the oven and then watched some Incredible Doctor Pol. I went and put my phone on the charger in my truck when Poppa called me over to ask about something around Gucci’s stall. We decided to put it in the green can and then we headed back to the house.

Poppa wanted to move the tractor so he could close the garage and I asked if I could do it. I don’t have a lot of time on his new tractor logged, so I was excited to drive it. I literally reversed it, turned it and drove it forward and then parked it. Woohoo!

We then went inside and had pizza for lunch, then we pasted the boy. I grabbed my cold and frozen groceries and came home.

I also talked to my tattoo artist while I was at my parents house. He said he’d love to do a phoenix tattoo for me, and that he’d put me on the wait list he has going.

After I got home and put the cold groceries away I went and flopped on the sofa, turned on House and ended up taking another nap. This one was a little more planned then the one at my parents house. After I woke up I went for my walk, which went fine. My shins and calves started hurting as soon as I started going up the hill, and then stayed hurting for the rest of my walk. I took a break near the doctors office and played some Wizards Unite.

I came home and got cleaned up and watched some House and waited to hear from Fiks. After a while I got a text that he was heading in so I started dinner. I turned on the oven for the pork tender loin, got the rice cooker ready, and chopped up and put the broccoli in the pot. Once the oven was an oven I put the pork in and started the rice. Fiks got home right as dinner was done, so we sat down and watched the last episode of Ink Master. We watched an episode of Good Eats: Reloaded next and then I went to bed.

I woke up a couple of times during the night, too hot, too cold, just wide awake. I was able to get back to sleep tho. I was still pretty fuzzy when Fiks gave me kisses and left me for the day. I woke up and had my bowl of cereal, watched Futurama and dozed for a little bit. Then I got dressed and went to my parents house to see Gucci.

Gucci was good, he was munching on his hay when I pulled up and then he saw it was me and turned around.


Poppa was busy mowing the field down, and Lumi went bonkers when he heard me pull up, so I went over and said hi to Lumi and Mom. I took Lumi and Mom over to see Gucci to give him a carrot or two. Then we went inside and I had a cookie and Mom made up her breakfast as we watched the news. Then I made up Gucci’s paste and we went out and gave it to him. He was a good boy about it, just made a lot of funny faces afterwards.

Poppa came walking up the driveway with the mower while we were with Gucci. Poppa helped me unload the feed that I forgot to unload yesterday and then I made up his buckets. So he has six now instead of four. Gives me an extra day of not scooping his feed. Then we went back inside and it was almost time for me to leave.

I got to work okay. I had someone almost get mad at me for line jumping when I was just waiting to get in to start my shift. While my work phone freaked out an employee started to yell out my name. So I go running outside and find this guy dumpster diving. I told him he couldn’t do that and he needed to put the stuff back. Thankfully he did with little fuss. The rest of the day was fine, just constantly busy. Not a time where we didn’t have a line.

I went outside and became the end of the line at 4 o’clock. I didn’t get into the bank and lock the doors until 4:16. A woman came up to the door at 4:18 and was pissed we were closed. I let a member out at 4:22 and the woman was bitching down the phone at someone that she was a member and that we wouldn’t let her in. I didn’t leave until 4:45, and she was still on the phone yelling at the person on the other end.

My sister invited me over for garlic burgers tonight, so I went over after getting cleaned up from work. Mom, Poppa, and Lumi were all there. Poppa was helping my sister build her Lego Pirate Ship, and I played with Lumi for a little bit. Then it was time to start the BBQ and so I made the burgers.

Garlic Burgers are so good! I helped Poppa cook them and then it was time to dig in. They turned out just right. I grabbed a few for Fiks and then I came home and turned on House. Fiks got home late, and was very hungry, so he made himself some fries to go with the burger which he warmed up. So he had a good dinner when he got home. I went to bed shortly after he got cleaned up.

I didn’t sleep well last night, and I even took a sleeping pill halfway through and it didn’t seem to help. I woke up with my alarm, had a bowl of cereal and watched some Futurama. Then I got dressed for work and headed over to my parents house. I got out and said hi to Gucci who was begging for carrots but all I could find was cookies.


Mom let Lumi out and he came out and did the zoomies between Mom and I. Poppa was down in the field weed whacking before it got too hot. Mom, Lumi and I went back inside the house and then we watched the news for a little while, and then we went to paste the boy. He did good today, no where near as funny of a face as yesterday. Then we went back inside and put on more Dr Pol and mom ate her breakfast and I had a cookie.

Mom said she couldn’t hear the weed whacker going anymore and asked me to go and check on Poppa. Poppa was up and coming into the house when I was walking outside. He went and got cleaned up and was back down before I left.

I got to work okay. And work was okay. I was what they called “lobby leading”, basically letting people in and telling them which station they were going to. I did this off and on through the day. I took over towards the end of the day. There was a line when we closed at 4, so a employee of the bank went out and stood at the end of the line. I was in the front letting people in. It took 25 minutes to get through the line.

When I was letting people out there was a woman who wanted to come in. I explained to her that it was well after 4, and I couldn’t let her in. Closed the doors on her. I went to let another member out and she jumped into the doorway and tried to come in. I had to tell her to back off so we could let the member out. When I was leaving she said that I had let 2 people in, I told her that she was wrong, I had let 2 people out. She just got mad at me. Whatever. Apparently today was a duck day for me.

I came home and got cleaned up and then waited for Fiks to get home. He wasn’t too late today, almost on time, so that was nice. He got cleaned up and I turned on the oven for dinner, we did pyes tonight. I did the cheese and broccoli and he did the lamb curry. We watched a couple episodes of House and then he went to go and work on some more masks for him and my Mom.

I jumped onto the computer and put Dr Pol on for background noise because Fiks was back to sewing. Well, he tried. He ran out of stuff for forming the nose piece, so we just have to wait until tomorrow. He took control of the TV and put on a music video from Frog Leap Studios. We watched a couple more things on YouTube and then I went to bed.

I think I slept okay last night. I know I woke up once in the middle of the night, and then again at 6, but other than that I think I slept. I rolled over and got an extra 15 minutes before my alarm went off, then I snoozed it and got an extra 10. Hehehe. I got dressed for work, kissed Fiks goodbye, got my breakfast and lunch packed and off to work I went.

There was a note from the weekday gal that the golf course is open to members only, and the restaurant is only open for to go orders. But the bathrooms were open, whoohoo! No more stinky bathroom with a door that doesn’t lock. The day was fine, just busy. I had 181 cars today, I’ve been maybe doing 70 during the quarantine, so a little over double of what I’ve been used to. I sat there and read my book (25, I forgot to list 23 24 and when I was done with 22) and listened to my podcasts.

I went over to my parents house when I was done and went to say hi to Gucci only to discover there were no carrots out there waiting for me. So I had to run inside and get some carrots, which got Lumi barking, which got Mom’s attention. Then Mom and Lumi decided to join me on saying hi to Gucci. He was wanting to get out, so I got him out for a quick graze.


We grazed for 10 minutes and then I gave him dinner and put him back into his stall. Mom and I went inside, Mom sat down, and I got Gucci’s medicine ready for when Poppa and Lumi came in. So Poppa helped me paste him and he was pretty good about it. Afterwards I came home and got cleaned up and put on some Dr Pol while waiting for Fiks to come home.

He got home sooner than expected, so that was nice. He got cleaned up after work and I ordered Chinese for dinner, I’m kind of getting burned out on pizza, which is typical gaming food for us.

We started gaming close to on time. I think it went pretty well. I enjoyed myself at least. We got into the castle through the stables and then we made our way to this room where you throw a different colored stone into the fire and it takes you somewhere else. So we picked the yellow stone and made out way to Strads chamber where we fought his 3 brides. We won and then I went to bed.

I slept okay last night. Good enough that I didn’t want to wake up with my alarms this morning, but I did. I got up and got dressed, kissed Fiks goodbye and packed my lunch and breakfast and then off to work I went.

Work went fine. It was slower today than it was yesterday. Had some of the same golfers I had yesterday come back today. I guess they’re happy to be back at it. I even saw some wearing masks today, which was an improvement over yesterday. I sat there and read my book (25), and then started the next book (26) in the series. I’m almost done with it, just one left after this one. Then I can try going back to book 20 and see if I can get back into that. It seemed to work last time.

After work I swung by the grocery store to pick up some bread rolls and dessert for dinner tonight. I got New York Style Chocolate Cheesecake. I rolled up to my parents and said Hi to Gucci and gave him a few carrots and then I went inside with the goods. I said Hi to Mom and then I said Hi to Poppa when he came out. He showed me his mustang, its looking really good, I’ll try to get a photo of it tomorrow.


Then we just watched The Spy Who Loved Me until it was dinner time. My sister and Lumi showed up right when dinner was done. Fiks’ showed up a little later, but we were all still eating dinner, so it didn’t really matter. Fiks and I went out and pasted the boy and then I made up his buckets for the next couple of days. Fiks gave him his dinner bucket. Well, he was still mad about being pasted, so he knocked his bucket over in the trough, and then threw his bucket on the ground. I went in and put his blanket on and picked up the bucket and took it away.

We went back inside and hung out on the back patio playing with Lumi for a while and talking, and then it was time for dessert. Fiks, myself and my sister had the marble cheesecake, my Mom had the tuxedo cheesecake, and Poppa had the chocolate chip cheesecake. It all got eaten up so it must have been good. Fiks and I left soon after.

Fiks has been awesome today at home. He did the laundry and was really nice and hung up my shirts for me. He did the kitchen, putting the dishes away and into the dishwasher. It was just a big relive to see the kitchen was done. If he had just put the dishes away I would have been happy to put the dishes into the dishwasher.

Alright, that’s it!

See you next week

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