May the 4th be with you Mothers… (Week 19)

Hi from Monday!

I slept last night. I actually slept. I only woke up once, around the same time I normally do. But I didn’t wake up with Fiks’ alarms like I have been. I woke up for his kiss goodbye and then I went back to sleep. I still woke up kind of early, but I feel rested. I moved to the living room, turned on Furturama and had my bowl of cereal. I was browsing FB when I came across this music video. Its different and I really enjoyed it. But I love almost everything Lzzy Hale of Halestorm does.


I lied on the sofa and watched some M*A*S*H after Futurama was done. I got cleaned up and then I waited for my phone call doctors appointment. The appointment went well. Then I went and hopped in the truck and went over to my parents house to see Gucci. Gucci was happy to see me, but he wouldn’t make a happy face for the camera.


Mom and Lumi came and said Hi to Gucci with me, then we went inside. I said hi to Poppa who was busy eating breakfast. I had brought over movies that they were asking for, one they had already, but I had the sequel. So we watched The Legend of Zorro. We made ham sandwiches for lunch and then afterwards I went back outside to let Gucci graze.


I groomed him a little bit, and you can even see the piles of hair in the photo if you look closely enough. I don’t expect you to look tho. Anyway, so we went and grazed for 10 minutes and then I busted out the fly spray which meant walking away from me. I caught up to him and fly sprayed him anyway, got him back into his stall, and put his fly mask on after giving him a couple of carrots.

I went back inside and finished the movie. Poppa busted out his Lego Mustang to work on.

psx_20200504_154927So we finished the movie and then I went to go make Gucci’s medicine. I had just poured half of the apple sauce into the cup when I heard the sounds of Lego’s crashing everywhere. I go running into the living room to see that it was one of Poppa’s bowls of Lego’s, not the whole Mustang like I thought. I picked up all the pieces and put them back in the bowl and then put it back on Poppa’s table. I went back to the kitchen and made up Gucci’s medicine. Mom went outside to paste him with me, and he didn’t want to turn around because he knew what was coming. I think I came out with more sauce on the syringe than I got down his throat. Oh well.

Afterwards I came home and put the garbage cans away and then put on Madam Secretary. I haven’t watched it in a while and I wasn’t in the mood for House. I’ve wasted my afternoon away being lazy. I haven’t gone for my walk like I should have. I haven’t talked with Fiks like I normally do, because I know that he’s stressed out right now. His work is hard right now, and our lives got a little more stressed out today. I’m hoping that things will get better.

Oh yeah….


Fuck COVID. Just…. fuck it. Its making lives so much harder right now. And I don’t need my life to get harder right now. I’m dealing with more anxiety, I feel like the progress I have made with myself has taken steps backwards. I wanted the Phoenix tattoo because I was feeling good about myself, about where I was; now I wonder if I deserve it. I can’t see someone I care about who is in the hospital because of it. I can text/FB message them, but its not the same for me. I feel like I can’t be there in a good support capacity without physically being there, you know? But sometimes I don’t feel like my presence makes it any better either, so I don’t know.

Fiks came home and got cleaned up and then we had dinner (steak and fries). We watched some House for a little bit and then we watched a couple YouTube videos before heading to bed. I woke up a little bit after falling asleep and I went outside to see what Fiks was up to. He had fallen asleep on the sofa. So I turned off the TV and woke him up enough to come to bed.

Once I was able to get back to sleep, I slept okay. I woke up for Fiks to kiss me goodbye and then I was able to sleep for another hour or so. I got out of bed, came into the living room to do my usual routine. Cereal and Futurama. Then I got dressed and went to my parents place to see Gucci.


It took some serious bribery to get a photo with his ears forward today. But he was a good boy, just in a mood I guess. I went inside and said hi to Poppa and Lumi. Poppa almost finished with his Lego Mustang, and it looks really good.

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I was heading up the stairs to day hi to Mom when she came through the hallway door. We said hi in the kitchen and then we sat down and watched some news. After Poppa made himself breakfast, I decided it was time to paste Gucci, so I made up his medicine and off we went to Gucci’s stall. Gucci was good for the pasting. He’s been standing kind of funny the past couple of days, I hope everything is okay.

I went off to work and there was already a line around the building, so there was no parking spots where I like to park. So I had to park on the other side of the parking lot where I can’t see my truck which I don’t like. Work went fine, I was a place holder for a woman who can’t stand for long periods of time at one point. Otherwise I was just inside keeping an eye on everything. We had a couple of ass hats come in that the tellers seemed to deal with well. Except the last one.

So this member comes in a couple of times a week. He hasn’t had a government issued ID since I don’t know when. So he comes in with a Veterans Affairs card and says that is his ID. There are somewhat calm arguments. He goes into the manager’s office and they have a talk there. I don’t really know what happens, I have to go out and be the last member so they can close the bank. They agree to give him his amount of money he wanted so he could pay his bills, and thats it. He keeps asking different employees if that looks like a Military ID. Growing up on a Military base it looks nothing like a Military ID to me either, but thankfully he doesn’t ask me.

I come home and get cleaned up and then I flop on the sofa for a while waiting for Fiks to come home, watching Madam Secretary. I didn’t go for my walk because it was still too hot for me outside. It didn’t cool down until late. Fiks got home close to 7, and got cleaned up and then we had dinner of left overs. We watched the first episode of Good Omens while we ate dinner.

I slept okay last night, waking up only once, I think. I woke up when Fiks did so that I could go to the grocery store early. We were up early enough to have cereal together and watch some of the news. Then we got ready to take off. Fiks went to work and I went to the store. I stopped and got gas on my way to the store, ended up getting a dollar off so I was able to fill up my truck under budget, so that was nice.

I listened to the Much Ado About Nothing soundtrack as I walked around the store, humming the tunes. I got almost everything, one thing they were out of and the other I just completely forgot the other 2 items. Then I went over to my parents house. I got out and said hi to Gucci and gave him a couple carrots. Poppa and Lumi came out to go for a walk.


I gave him his bucket for breakfast and then I gave him his flake of hay and took off his sheet. The three of us went back inside and Poppa came out to help me with my couple bags of groceries that needed to go into the fridge/freezer, and the carrots. Mom was up when I went inside and she was already on her second cup of coffee, so she’d been up for a while.

We watched the news for a little bit and then I went to go make Gucci’s medicine. This is when I realized I forgot the apple sauce. But I had 2 cups which will give me 4 days. But I’ll have to swing by the grocery store tomorrow for some. So I mixed Gucci’s medicine and then Mom and I went outside and pasted him. He was still standing kind of stretched out, I’m not quite sure what’s going on. I think its his feet hurting him. I made up his buckets for the next couple of days and then I put on his fly mask.

I went back inside to keep Lumi from barking while Mom was upstairs and Poppa was outside mowing the field. I dozed for a little while on the sofa, and then Mom came down and I woke up to her talking to Lumi at the door. She sat down for a couple of minutes then we both got ready to go. She was heading to get her nails done at a friends house, and I came home after giving Gucci two goodbye cookies.

I got home and unloaded the truck and brought the groceries inside and put the cold and frozen stuff away. Then I turned on Madam Secretary for a episode and a bit, then I hooked up with my Cousin in Europe to watch Wreck it Ralph together.

It was fun seeing them before we started the movie. We kept talking and messaging each other the same message seconds apart a couple of times. Its not as good as being right there with each other, but it was pretty close. We set up another date for next Wednesday.

I took a nap after the movie and then Mom called and woke me up to help her move furniture for one of her friends. So I went down to where we were picking up the furniture (a table and a rug) and met her there. We were bringing the table out the side door and were practically outside on the patio and then she said we should have gone through the front door.

Then Mom came walking up and Poppa was behind her. We loaded the table into my little truck, and then we rolled up the rug and through it into my parents truck and off to the new place we went. I followed Mom and Poppa up to the new place and was able to park in the shade, woohoo! (its 88 degrees here today). So we unloaded the rug and the table, hung out for a little bit, and then I came home and got cleaned up.

I turned on Madam Secretary for a little while, and then I made myself dinner of left over Chinese. So I got out the rice, the sweet and sour chicken, and the beef and broccoli and warmed it up in a bowl as I started to put the dishes away as it warmed up. Sat down with it and started eating. I ate the beef and broccoli, and the sweet and sour chicken without a problem. Ate the rice and my throat got tight and tingly. I ran and took 2 bennadryl so my throat would calm down and stopped eating the rice (obviously) and just waited to see how I progressed. I called Fiks because I was a little freaked out and just wanted him to know what was going on. So he talked with me for a long time, keeping me on the line and making sure nothing really changed with my breathing. But if it got worse I was going to have to hang up, call 911, and stab myself with my eppie pen. That’s what I was most afraid of, stabbing myself. I’m not afraid of needles, far from it. But… I can’t explain myself any better.

Fiks got home around 830 with dinner, so we sat up and watched an episode of Good Omens together and then I went to bed. I slept okay, waking up a couple of times, but I was able to get back to sleep every time, so that was nice. I woke up and did my usual routine. Then I got dressed and headed to my parents house to see Gucci.

As I was driving over there was a white car following me down the main road to my parents house. I recognized it as my sisters car. So she followed me up to my parents house and then went inside the house while I went over and said hi to Gucci.


He wasn’t into giving me a nice face today. Not quite sure what’s going on with that. But I gave him a carrot, some pets and love before walking into the house. Lumi was just going crazy because my sister was there, and then she and the dog went off for a walk on the beach before it closed. Poppa and I pasted the boy shortly after, and he seemed to do okay with it. I hung out for a little longer and then I headed to work.

Work. Wow. Well, the shift itself was fine. I had no problems with the shift. Just people before the shift. First asshole was mad about where and how I parked. I was as far over in the parking spot as I could go, he comes around and says I can’t park there. I explain that I am as far over as I can possibly go. He says its too bad and I need to move. Was a total asshole the entire time. So I pay attention to the car and the owners of it. They don’t even come INSIDE the bank. They leave while I’m standing in my uniform in front of the bank. Which brings me to asshole number 2. He says that where I’m standing is not the back of the line and there is no cutting to get in. I’m starting to say I work there and he says he doesn’t want to hear it, get to the back of the line. I explain as calmly as I could that I was the guard for the bank and that I actually worked there. Didn’t believe me until the bank tellers called me by name and invited me in.

I came home, got cleaned up. My sister invited me over to her house to play games and for dinner. I wasn’t sure about dinner, but I was down for games after my day. Once I got there they were starting to play cribbage. Never played before so Poppa helped me figure out the game. I came in 3rd, so not too bad for a beginner. I talked with Fiks who was still working and we decided to join them for Tacos. Fiks showed up at the end of the game and right when dinner was starting. I was so happy to see him after my day.

I slept okay last night I think. I only remember waking up once, so that was nice. Oh, and for goodbye kisses. I woke up and did my usual thing. Managed to doze a little bit more on the sofa before getting up and getting dressed. I made sure I had my mask and then off to my parents I went. Poppa was mowing the field when I pulled up and so I couldn’t say hi. But I did get to say hi to my boy, who was pretty good for photos today.


I headed towards the door and Mom let Lumi out for the zoomies hello, then he ran back into the house. I went in and said hi to Mom and she wanted to watch something other than the news. So I put it on Animal Planet, which was fine, until the ASPCA commercial came on that makes mom feel bad, so we put it on Nat Geo Wild and it was Dr Pol. So we watched that for a little bit and then we went and pasted Gucci and gave him some pets and love and put his fly mask on.

We went inside again and watched more Dr Pol and then Poppa came in from the field, must have run out of gas in his mower. I hung out long enough to say bye to Poppa and Mom and then I was off to work.

Work went fine. It was kind of busy but not super, if that makes any sense? We did have no line at one point, so that was nice. But it quickly came back. I helped bring stuff in and put it away at the end of my shift. Then I came home.

It was 88 again when I got home, so I didn’t go for my walk. I just came home and got cleaned up and threw on Madam Secretary and the Air Conditioner. Just have been waiting for Fiks to get home. After a good amount of Madam Secretary I decided to work on the kitchen and call Fiks since I hadn’t heard from in a while. He was busy at work working on their new power pads (it sounds like?)

Fiks came home late, I stayed up past my bedtime just to spend some time with him before going to sleep. I slept okay, I didn’t want to wake up. The bed was nice and cozy and I was snuggled up against Fiks… It was the perfect sleep, then the stupid alarm clock went off.

We both got up and dressed for work. I made my breakfast and packed my lunch and then waited for Fiks to get ready. I got to work just in time. Work went fine for most of the day, then with just a few hours left to go I had someone drive into the arm. Thankfully he didn’t freak out and yell at me like other people have. So I got his information and missed a digit on his phone number. Thank god he stopped on his way out so that I could get that last digit, otherwise I would have been FUBAR. I got my ass chewed out on the first email I sent to my boss. So I tried my best to make up for it. I called the guy and got his last name and left a message asking him to call me back.

After work I headed over to my parents house to take care of Gucci. He met me at the gate, but he kept his ears pinned back, so I have no idea what’s going on in his monster paint mind. I got a call from the guy who ran into the gate while I was at my parents house, where there is no reception, so I couldn’t and didn’t pick up.


I went inside and said hi to Mom, Poppa, and Lumi. They were having lunch while watching TV. I stole some of Poppa’s pretzels as we talked about our days. Gucci got a graze in the morning, so I didn’t have to worry about that. I made up his medicine and then Poppa and I went and pasted him. He did okay for pasting, I think I missed most of his mouth because a lot came back out. Then I went to go get buckets made and Poppa let him back out. I told him he wouldn’t graze or take carrots. He walked around the property for a little bit and then he came walking back into his stall while Poppa was shaking his bucket.

We went back inside and I helped Poppa with his e-mails. Apparently they vanished for a while today, he lost 3 days worth of e-mails. I just hit the refresh button and they came back. I don’t know why they disappeared, I’m just happy that they came back, because they were important e-mails. I stole an orange and then I came home.

I came home to Fiks playing Trials of Mana, and we talked about if the boob jiggle was necessary. Apparently to the game developers it was. So I went to go get cleaned up and I called the guy back and he was so nice and sweet about giving me his address. I came back out and Fiks had put on The Live Ralph Report and I jumped onto the computer. We watched the Ralph Report and then we watched a couple of YouTube videos while waiting for the pizza to show up, which it did.

Before we got ready for gaming I put on an episode of House, we didn’t finish the episode before gaming began, but that’s okay. Gaming was fun. We defeated the main boss, Strahd and I stayed up past my gaming bed time to help. I got to sleep pretty quickly tho, so that was nice.

I didn’t want to get up with my alarm again, but I did crawl out of bed after I snoozed it once. I got dressed and kissed Fiks goodbye, and then came and made my breakfast and lunch and then left to go to work. I saw that my packages had been delivered and were just waiting outside the post box. I grabbed the mail on the way to the truck and saw that one package was wet, I was going to be pissed if what was inside had been ruined. Thankfully, they hadn’t been.

Work went fine. I finished my book (27, and I forgot to list 26 for yesterday) and started book 28 . I didn’t have too many cars today, so that was nice. It was cloudy most of the day, burning off around 1230-1300. I did have a fair amount of cars come in for picking up food from one of the restaurants for Mother’s Day.

After work I went to the grocery store to pick up some apple sauce for Gucci and saw it was on sale, 2 for $5. They normally cost close to $4 each, so I grabbed him two, that would take care of me for most of the month since I split them in half. I went over to my parents house and said hi to Gucci, who was still acting like a grumpy old man towards me. But I gave him a carrot and some love before heading towards the house. Lumi came zooming out towards me, so I said hi, then we ran to the truck and I pulled the apple sauce out and Mom laughed at me. She’d just been to Target and gotten a case of apple sauce today.

I went out to give Gucci a graze, just to spend some time with him, ya know?


So we grazed for a little bit and then he went walking away down the field, I followed after him. He started inspecting and tripped in a hole he couldn’t see, so he stopped and I gave him a carrot for coming to me. Then we both worked our way up the hill to the flat part. He started walking towards the house and then he saw Poppa go in the front door. So we waited at the door for Poppa to come back out; it didn’t happen. I asked him if he wanted to go for his walk, so we turned around and started our lap when he saw Poppa at the BBQ so we stopped and talked to Poppa for a little while. Then Gucci started to weed for Poppa (kind of), then he was done and we walked back to his stall where I gave him more carrots.

I went back inside and helped with the cooking and texted Fiks that the tri-tip was about to go on the BBQ. I watched a Hallmark movie with Mom while things were cooking and we were waiting for Fiks. Poppa was just flipping the meat when Fiks showed up. I found him over by Gucci giving him some pets.

We went inside and worked on the roastie potatoes, corn, and green beans and Fiks and Poppa worked on carving the tri-tip. We had dinner and it was delicious. The tri-tip was cooked just right. Nobody had any meat left on their plates when it was all said and done. The only thing left behind were the corn cobs which all had been munched on. Fiks and I cleaned the kitchen for Mom and Poppa. Well, mostly. The dishwasher was still washing while we were cleaning up, so we didn’t get the stuff in the dishwasher, but it was all cleaned up. They made a plate for me to take to my sister because she was working.

Fiks and I went out and pasted Gucci who was pretty good for it, and then I put on his sheet because it was kind of cold with the breeze picking up. He doesn’t like being cold. We went back in and had dessert (chocolate cheese cake) and then we came home. I took  my sisters dinner over to her before coming home. Fiks and I both had our hands full; his with laundry and mine just from the stuff from my day.

He’s currently playing the Trials of Mana again.

I think I’m going to leave it at that. I have things to plot and plan for Monday.

See you next week!


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