(Week 42) Photo Extravaganza

Hi from Monday!

I slept okay last night, only waking up once or twice. I woke up and got my bowl of cereal and turned on M * A * S * H and flopped on the sofa for a bit.

When it was time (because I over dozed) I quickly got dressed and headed out the door with my saddle and girth. I threw it all in the truck and went to the dog trainers house thinking we had a lesson before we dropped him off. Nope. Just a drop off. I could hear him barking and howling, trying to make us feel bad. We said goodbye to Lumi and the trainer and then we took off. I headed to my parents house and Poppa headed off to a recycling center.

I Said hi to Gucci when I got there. He seemed happy to see me.

After taking care of Gucci and saying hi I went inside and said hi to Mom who was watching the news and filling up her coffee. Poppa came home a little bit later and we sat and had some toast together while Mom went upstairs to get dressed.

We spent the morning watching Dr Pol after the news was over. Then it was time to head over to Other Mother’s house to ride Smoke.

Mom and I hung and threw my tack over the fence and then Other Mother came out. I went and got Smoke and brought him over to the trailer. I brushed Smoke and tacked him up and handed him off to Mom because Other Mother brought Mora over and wanted her tacked up too. So I helped her tack up Mora and then I hopped on her first in the arena.

Mora did okay. She tries to get away from the bit tho. She would throw her head up and open her mouth so I had very little control. But thankfully we were stopped every time this happened. I did my best to show her that the bit wouldn’t hurt her. I think that she needs a martingale so she can’t toss her head up as high as she was today. She gets “sticky” around where my Mom’s were hanging out and with Smoke. So it was a lot of clucking and kicking.

When I got on Smoke my stirrups felt so short! It took me a little bit to get me back to how I usually ride. I asked him to trot and I could tell he was confused when I started posting. So I would sit his trot for a little while and then I’d start posting. I’d tell him easy and ask him what the rush was, that nothing bad was going to happen with me posting on him. But he did really well for his first time being ridden English.

We untacked them and then I put Smoke away and put on his fly mask because they were already bugging him. I put my saddle away in its bag and grabbed my girth and helmet bag and headed over to the car where my Mom’s were talking. I put everything in the car and then we said our goodbyes and took off to get back home. One of Mom’s friends were coming over at 1, so we had like 10 minutes to get back to my parents place.

We got there in time, and I was making sandwiches when she showed up. We sat at the table for a little while, talking. I ordered some decaf Yorkshire Tea for her and some for Mom. Then Poppa and I went and pasted Gucci and I said goodbye to everyone and came home.

I flopped on the sofa for a while and watched Grey’s, then when it cooled down I went and got cleaned up. Then I started to cook dinner.

I’m sorry, I’m not really into this weeks blog.

I’m skipping over Monday night and Tuesday. I’m going to try and keep caught up on the rest of the week so it doesn’t seem so… daunting… when I don’t skip a day.

I didn’t sleep well Wednesday night. I woke up every hour. Rolled over, got to sleep for a little bit, then would wake up again. I gave up and moved to the sofa and watched some M*A*S*H and tried to sleep to it but wasn’t successful. I gave up when it was close to 7 and realized that Fiks hadn’t come out to the living room yet. So Fiks and I got ready together and we left the house and then there was a forklift with a pallet of sod (grass rolls) dropping off said sod in front of our mail boxes. Fiks talked to the guy and came to me and I called the land lord who didn’t answer, and Fiks was late, so we both left.

I got to the grocery store okay. It was kind of busy, but I was closer to 8 then I was to 7 when I got there. I listened to music and walked around gathering what we needed. Then I went over to my parents house and said hi to a very happy Gucci. He had molasses all over his nose from his grain. I gave him a couple of carrots and then I went inside.

I put my frozen stuff in the freezer, there was no room for my cold stuff, mostly cheese, in the fridge. I went inside and said hi to Mom who was busy watching the news. Then I went and found Poppa and talked to him for a little while. We had breakfast together while watching the news, then I just stayed in the chair for a little while, trying to gather the energy to go take Gucci for his walk.

I got up and went outside, armed with carrots, and went over and took off his blanket and threw on his halter and took him for his walk. He was silly, snorting at a water trough he walked by yesterday without a problem. Then he was snorting at the gates at the back end of the house, just being silly. I was asking him if he wanted to go for another lap when he grabbed onto my pants and my cell phone and lifted the carrot out that I had forgotten about. My cell phone survived thankfully. I fly sprayed him and out on his mask and then I went inside. Poppa and I pasted Gucci after a little while, then I got my stuff and came home.

Well, I didn’t come straight home. I ran an errand that took me to the bank, then I came home and unloaded the groceries and put some of them away before turning on Grey’s, hoping to pass the f out.

I passed out for 10, maybe 20 minutes today. I’m fried as I’m typing this. I watched some more Greys and then it was time to head to the optometrist to get some new contacts. Whenever they do the ‘which is better, left or right’ I get this horrible test anxiety and I’m feeling like I get the answers wrong. Does anyone else feel that way?

Anyway, contacts are ordered and then I walked around the Halloween store next door looking for decorations. Nothing really popped out at me, so I walked out. I almost bought some spider webbing, but it didn’t sound appealing to me this year.

On my way home I swung by Kaiser and picked up my prescriptions and then I went to the building next door and got my flu shot. Then I came home and flopped on the sofa for a little while more, careful not to lie on my right arm where I got the shot.

Hi, so its Sunday and I’m unable to recall all the information that happened during the week. I’m just going to upload the photos I was going to use. I’m sorry guys, just didn’t stay on top of it this week.

Roses I got myself at the grocery store.
Gucci being goofy on Thursday
Dinner Thursday night; Pork, pears and green beans
Gucci telling me he’s being abused because he’s had to wait for breakfast
Much better after breakfast
Hail hydrate and caffeinate
I’m getting a carrot but I’m still grumpy
14 Hands Unicorn Rose Bubbles
Working on my homework while at work
I gave Gucci an apple and he made this funny face as he was chewing
Our new fish that my sister was very sweet and got us

Alright, I will do my best to do better next week.

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