Happy Halloween! (Week 43)

Hi from Monday!

I slept in. I slept in until like 8, which is late for me. I moved to the kitchen and got myself a bowl of cereal and then I sat down and watched some M*A*S*H for a while.

I love Klingar. He’s one of the best characters on the show. Anyway, so after having breakfast I went to go see Gucci. So I got dressed and cleaned up and worked my way over there, stopping for gas along the way. Gucci was in his turn out when I got there, but he met me at the gate once I got out of the truck.

After giving him his hello cookies and a carrot I went inside with my mask on and said hi to Mom and Poppa from a distance because they were around my sister who is now sick. Hopefully and fingers crossed that its only the flu, which its sounds like.

I went and took Gucci for his walk, and then we did 4 laps of the property and we went down to the mountain. Then I remembered that I needed to put medicine on his hoof, so I needed Poppa’s help. So Poppa came out with his mask on and held Gucci for me. So while I was picking his hoof he moved said hoof and I accidently opened the hole up that I’ve been trying to heal for weeks now. Grrrr. We put him back in his stall, then I made up his medicine and we pasted him.

I sat down and was talking to my friends who was acting really weird and offering me a way to get money. Ended up being a scam, but I figured that out and called them on it, reporting them to Facebook. Not sure what good that’ll do. Do not go for a scam that talks about free grants from the government, its not real. Anyway, I said bye to my parents and made my way home.

I brought in the garbage cans once I got home and had a snack and watched some Grey’s Anatomy while waiting for my Cousin to be ready for international movie day.

Then it was time for international movie time. Movie of the day: Paddington 2.

So we did our hellos and then we started the movie. I haven’t seen it in a while, and its a super cute and funny movie to watch. Despite my having a Coke I still fell asleep during it for like 20 minutes, which wasn’t part of the plan, but my Cousin didn’t message me during that time so that was good.

After the movie I started working and looking for jobs at vet clinics. I signed up for LinkedIn and did some that way. I got a response from a clinic that rejected me last week, currently working on a good response to them while Grey’s is on in the background. I’ll go start cooking in 10 minutes.

I went and made dinner. Pasta, prosuttio, and broccoli goodness.

Fiks came home right when dinner was done. But he was awesome and moved the laundry for me because I totally forgot about it doing the job applications and making dinner. It turned out really well, very nommy.

On Saturday… I think it was Saturday… I ordered a black light for the fishes because they glow in the dark. And look! They really glow!

Fiks started gaming with his other group after he affixed the light to the roof of the tank. I kept watching Grey’s until it was time for me to go to bed. But first I got cleaned up before crawling into bed. I woke up when Fiks came to bed, and one more time, but then I went and slept until 8 again.

I woke up and had my bowl of cereal and watched M*A*S*H until it was time for me to go get my eyebrows waxed. I had the same girl I had before COVID so that was nice. She remembered how I liked my eyebrows, so yay! Now they are pretty again.

Afterwards I headed over to my parents house to say hi and take care of Gucci. He was happy to see me, he met me at the gate. He wouldn’t lift his head over the gate until I gave him a carrot.

My cute boy.

I went inside and couldn’t find anyone. So I went upstairs and heard Mom in the shower and found Poppa in the bedroom. We made our way back downstairs and then I made up Gucci’s medicine and Poppa and I went outside to take care of Gucci. We pulled him out and I poured medicine on his hoof again, let him have a carrot before I pasted him. I didn’t give him enough time between the carrot and the pasting because he spat out the carrot.

I went back inside, Poppa stayed outside and worked with the recycling. I went up and said hi to Mom who was drying her hair and then we came back downstairs. I stayed for a little longer before coming home to work on my homework.

I had a really hard time understanding this week’s topic. But that’s okay, I got A’s on both of my assignments and my quiz, so I shouldn’t be really worried about it. While I was working on my homework I got a call from work asking me to work more hours. I said I could do Thursday but not Tuesdays. So I will now be working all day Thursday instead of a half day. I’m trying to drop Tuesdays entirely so I have some actual down time and recovery time in my life. I’ve had split days off for years now. Dropping Tuesdays I get 3 days off.

So in my excitement I cleaned up a couple piles of mail that had been driving Fiks nuts. I got it down to 1 pile. 2 down, numerous to go. But I also was going to clean the kitchen until I was told that I was working today. Grumble grumble grumble.

I went and got dressed and headed down to work. I got there and punched in just in time. The day was fine, nothing really happened and I didn’t get totally screwed over by watching the door. I did have a fireman strip down in the parking lot from his blues to his fire man suit and boots. Quite the show, cute butt… but this is only from a distance.

I came home and had left over pizza for dinner, we didn’t have any more meals to cook. I sat down and watched some Grey’s until Fiks came home and then we watched some YouTube and something on Disney+. I went to bed when it was time, and Fiks joined me shortly after. I had a couple bad muscle spasms while I was falling asleep, but I took some meds and they stopped, and I remember falling asleep touching Fiks.

I woke up in the morning and it was still dark outside. I got up and found Fiks getting his tea ready for his day and then we had a bowl of cereal together. We got ready together and then it was time to leave. I’m going have to load my saddle in the night before, because there was no way I was coordinated to put it in this morning. Just threw the thing in the back of my truck.

The grocery store went fine. I might have gone a little crazy when it came to buying chocolate. But I got everything on the list, so that was nice. I went over to my parents house and Gucci greeted me at the gate. I gave him his cookies and a couple of carrots and fed him his breakfast.

I flopped on the sofa inside and had on Dr Pol, I was just meaning to watch it until my parents came down, and then Mom wanted to watch Dr Pol over the news too, so we did that. Then it was time for Mom to go get her nails done, and I took Gucci for his walk. We had to stop and snort at Poppa who was bringing up the garbage can.

We made buckets and then we pasted him and then we went inside and I watched Dr Pol until it was time for me to leave to go ride Other Mother’s horse. When I got there she was lunging Mora, so I said hi to her. Apparently I am the treat machine, because that’s all she wanted when she saw me.

Then I went to the truck and got my stuff out, threw my head in my helmet and went and got out Smoke. We tacked him up after tacking up Mora, and then Mom showed up right when we were heading to the arena.

We mounted up and then we just walked around for 30-45 minutes. I ponied Mora off Smoke, I had to get after Smoke a couple of times for making mean faces and body language at Mora. Once we were done and untacked and put away in their stalls, Mom and I left. I had to go back to my parents house to get my cold groceries before my interview.

My interview started while I was driving, so it wasn’t the best interview in the world. I tried my best, and that’s all that matters. I regret on example I was using and I just couldn’t make myself shut up, so grrr. After my interview and kicking myself numerous times I flopped on the sofa and watched some Grey’s. Then I got cleaned up and waited for Fiks to get home. And waited. So I eventually ended up having waffles for dinner while watching Mr. Toad and Ichabod Crane.

Fiks got home right after I was done eating. So he went and got cleaned up and had left over pizza for dinner and jumped on the computer for a while. Then he started to help me make a new D&D character for Saturday’s night Halloween spooktacular.

I had a hard time sleeping, came out of the bedroom and found Fiks playing Breath of the Wild. I crawled back into bed. When I woke up next he was in bed happily snoring in my face. My alarm went off way to early for a Thursday for my liking, Fiks even asked what I was doing up so early. I got dressed and made my breakfast and packed my lunch and headed over to my parents house.

Even thought I was there early, and was getting him breakfast, he was still grumpy with me. Oh, it was because there were no carrots outside for me to give him, so all he had was cookies. Spoiled brat. But I gave him his bucket and a flake of hay and then I went inside and Poppa was peddling on his bike. I sat down and had my bagel for breakfast, and then we went and pasted him once Poppa was done peddling. Then I took off for work.

I got there on time and there was barely anyone else in the parking lot, so I got the good spot for the day and got into my uniform and posted outside the bank and listened to my podcasts as the employees came rolling in. One employee said it was too cold for me to be outside and so she made me go inside with her, which I was thankful for.

I grabbed the work phone and punched in, and then I posted at the window I had been leaning against and just watched the outside. Thankfully there was nothing that happened, so it was a pretty chill day. I had Chinese for lunch, and tried not to dribble any on my uniform. The day was pretty chill, had no one for like 30 minutes at one point. They started getting their branch ready for Halloween. They are going to be different super hero’s tomorrow.

They had a few others that they had spread throughout the branch. I came home when they closed for the day and got cleaned up and then I jumped on the ‘big’ computer and started working on my homework. I actually had to take notes this week, so that was a change. It was just formulas that we were meant to memorize, but still, notes! I did my quiz, only got 9/10. But that’s okay, I can retake it to get a better score.

When Fiks texted me that he was heading back to the station I started making dinner. Scallop Rockerfeller Rissoto. It turned out really well, and I did most of the cooking. Fiks came in at the end and helped me with the scallops, but the rest I did by myself.

We watched some YouTube videos and when it was time I went to bed to go to sleep. I slept okay last night, only waking up once or twice. I woke up when my alarm went off, and Fiks was still in bed next to me. So I got him up as I knew he was late, and then I started to get ready for work. I came out to the kitchen and made my breakfast and packed my lunch. Fiks came out ready for work and then we left for, well, him for work, me for Gucci.

I got to my parents house okay. Gucci was stuffing his face full of breakfast because Poppa had fed him before I got there. Poppa was in the back of his paddock mucking it out.

So we went inside and I ate my breakfast bagel and Mom came down soon after so we put it on the news. I’m so ready for this very important election to be over. That’s all that’s on anymore is election stuff, and well, COVID stuff, so that’s not fun either. When it was time Poppa and I went and pasted Gucci, who did pretty good for me.

When it was time I headed over to work, and sat and read my book for a bit before heading into the bank. It was so cool, they didn’t have a theme, but people still dressed up. The 3 people that I work the most with, one was an astronaut, one was a fairy princess (reused her very pretty wedding dress), and Senior Ellie from the movie Up. I took photos of everyone, but I forgot to ask for permission to put them on my blog.

But the day went fine, it was really cool to see all the different costumes. We had the Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus, Jack Skeleton, Mr. Rodgers, Joker, 2 people from Bobs Burgers, a Picachu, and a couple I didn’t recognize. We even had some members come into the bank dressed up, so that was cool.

I came home and got cleaned up, and Fiks wasn’t too far behind me. We did left overs for dinner and then I jumped and did some work on the computer while he played Breath Of The Wild…. I think.

I slept okay last night, I woke up a little before my alarm and tried to doze before getting up. I took my time and got ready, and then I kissed Fiks goodbye and headed into the kitchen to make breakfast and pack my lunch.

I got to work early, but it was still dark and cold. 44 degrees I think it was. That’s cold for my part of California. Especially since it had been in the 80s on Friday. So I sat in my booth and logged people in, and did some of my reading homework.

They had the week day lady come in to take over at 3 because it’s Halloween. So I got to see her and then we chatted for a little bit before I punched out and she took over.

I had Fiks meet me at my parents house (who were at a funeral & memorial) so I had back up during the pasting. I gave Gucci his cookies after talking with my sister and him stomping and snorting.

We went inside and I made up his medicine, then Fiks came back out with me to paste him. He did pretty good for me. Then we gave him his bucket and his hay and went back inside to clean the syringe and put everything else away and lock up the house.

I swung by the feed store on my way home and picked up 2 bags of senior feed. They were out of the gastric support this time. I’ll have to go back later in the week to see if they have it. Then I came home and jumped into the shower and got cleaned up. I put on my Oggie Boogie dress and then I don’t remember what I did after that. Fiks was awesome and took photos, but I’m not happy with the way that I look in them 😦

Fiks turned on the Thrilling Adventure Hour Halloween Special, so we watched that for a little while. I placed a order at our favorite Chinese restaurant for some dinner, and when it was time we went and picked that up. Then it was time to play some D&D, The Curse of Strahd… IN SPACE!!! We made new characters for this one off, and it was fun, even though I died once while playing. I later found out that I died again after I went to bed. Oh well.

I slept well last night. I still woke up, but I did well. Gaining the extra hour certainly helped me some. I got up and dressed, kissed Fiks goodbye and did my usual routine for work. I left early, not on purpose, but I got there and got dressed and settled in for the day. I did the reading in my other textbook today, and the skills in the back of the chapter. Well, most of them, I still have a hunk to do.

But the day went fine. Nothing really happened. I was super busy for a Sunday tho. There was a Seniors tournament today, so lots of people coming in. I saw some of my favorites who I thought I’d just been missing. Turns out that they had caught COVID 3 weeks ago. Poor guys. But they’re better now and back to golfing.

After work I went over to my parents house to take care of Gucci. He was throwing a hissy fit because he was getting fed an hour later and the motorcycles were going next door, so they had him all wound up. I gave him his cookies and a carrot before heading inside.

I went inside and said Hi to Mom and Poppa, who were busy watching and old movie. Jumbo or something like that. Billy Rose’s Jumbo. I went and made Gucci’s medicine while they talked on the phone with my Sister, and then Poppa and I went outside and pasted Gucci, who was still wound up. I went slow and calm, petting him and telling him he was alright. We went to give him his bucket and he started striking out, so I yelled at him and took the bucket in incase he did it again. Don’t want him hurting Poppa. Then I went back in with some hay for him. I backed up the truck and we unloaded the feed I got yesterday and then we made up his buckets for the next couple of days.

Happier Gucci.

I came home and helped fold the laundry and stuff before taking a shower. Fiks had started on the dinner prep while I was getting cleaned up. So I came out and helped him with dinner by pealing the veggies (potatoes and carrots) while he prepared the meat (pork). Dinner turned out really well.

And that’s basically it. We watched some YouTube videos while eating dinner, and then I jumped on the computer to work on this and do my quiz (I GOT THE SAME QUESTION WRONG!! GRRR!!).

So my lovelies, I’m going to leave it there.

See you next week

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