Remember, Remember…(Week 44)

Hi from Monday!

I slept okay last night, but I woke up and my head was all heavy and blocked up. I moved out to the kitchen and made myself a bowl of cereal and then I turned on M*A*S*H and watched & slept through a couple of episodes before calling my parents house to see how everything was going over there. Poppa had left already for dog training so he could meet up with Lumi.

I waited for my doctors appointment to start while watching more M*A*S*H. She actually wasn’t too late this time around. True, this appointment has been rescheduled 4 times, so I was doubtful it would happen. But the appointment went well, I was fairly open with her and then we decided to move some meds around and change the doses. ]

Afterwards I got dressed and made my way over to my parents house and said hi to Gucci, who was kind of a grumpy Gus, but whatever, I still gave him cookies and carrot and kisses.

I talked with my Cousin at my parents house and we decided to meet up later to do an adult movie. Sounds good to me. I watched some stuff on Egypt with Mom for a while before making Gucci’s medicine and going out and pasting him. I started to not feel well and all I wanted to do was come home, so I did.

We tried to do the group watch on Disney+, but I could only get it to work on my phone and they couldn’t get it to work at all. So we did the video count down and chatted for a little bit while the opening credits were rolling.

We chatted through the movie as usual. And Fiks came home and had his lunch towards the end, but he wasn’t able to stay through the end of the movie. We did have some questions about him and Agent Peggy Carter. Like how far back did he go at the end of Avengers: Endgame? Why didn’t they make a series of that show (Him and Peggy)? And I was waiting for a view of America’s Ass for blog reasons, but I you don’t really get a good view of it in this movie.

Afterwards I turned on Grey’s Anatomy and started on my homework. While I was working on my homework I got a phone call from a vet clinic I threw my resume at. They had a few questions for me before they would even interview me. Would I work swing shift? Yes. Saturdays? Yes. Full time? Yes. So I go and have a tour of the clinic on Wednesday at 10.

When it was time I started making dinner, well, prepping dinner. I turned on the oven to get warm and finished the episode of Grey’s that I was watching. Once the episode was over I started making dinner. Chicken Cordon Bleu, I did mine with prosciutto and Fiks’ with bacon bits. They both turned out good, so I’m happy with that.

Fiks is gaming, so I watched The Great British Bakeoff and now I’m back to watching Grey’s. When it was time I went and got cleaned up and then I went to bed. I slept okay last night, only waking up once that I remember, and then when I woke up the next time I was wide awake, so I moved out to the living room and grabbed a bowl of cereal and turned on M*A*S*H. I slept through an episode or two before getting the laundry from downstairs.

Once I was cleaned up and ready I went to the community center and voted. I thought that there would be a long line, but I think I was the only one who was in there voting right then. I did it on a tablet, and then it printed out. I got the sticker and a chocolate for it.

After voting I made my way to my parents house to take care of Gucci. Poppa was out working on recycling when I was pulling up. So we chatted as I got out of the truck and then I went over and said hi to my grumpy guy, Gucci.

He wasn’t really impressed with me this morning, even after getting his cookies. I took off his blanket and put on his fly mask and then I gave him his carrot. I’m just now remembering I said I’d take him for a walk and I didn’t. I’ll have to do that tomorrow too.

I went inside looking for Mom and found her upstairs getting dressed. We came downstairs and watched Merlin for the rest of the morning. Its a good show, I like it, I’ve just got too many other shows I’m watching right now to add another one to the list.

I made myself lunch after going out and pasting Gucci, who was pretty good for me, even if I did have to chase him down for a little bit. We watched Merlin until it was time for me to leave for work. I said goodbye to Gucci and tried to give him a carrot, but he turned his nose up at it. Guess he hadn’t eaten or drunk enough to get the taste of medicine out of his mouth.

I got to work on time, so I sat and read my book for a little while and listened to music. When it was time I went into work and punched in. There was a few times that there were lines that went down the building, but we got through them eventually. I asked the manager there a few questions of what my coworkers would say about me, and they gave me a really nice list.

When it was time I came home and got cleaned up, and not too soon after Fiks showed up as well. I made sure that I had my interview suit picked out for tomorrow and then I packed my breeches and a spare shirt that can get dirty into my little go bag.

I logged onto Canvas and saw that my professor was giving me another shot at my homework, so I went and did it and had Fiks go over it for me to make sure that I was answering the questions properly. Then we moved onto dinner. Left over Chinese for me, Fiks is doing his hot wings, deep frying them and adding hot sauce. He’s crazy. I currently have on The Nightmare Before Christmas, finishing it from when we started it on Halloween.

After finishing Nightmare before Christmas I watched Disney’s Magical kingdom, and then I put on some YouTube videos. When it was time I went to bed.

I slept okay last night. I woke up once but I was able to get back to sleep after a bit. Fiks woke me up and I jumped into my interview gear on (which I forgot to take a picture of, but I looked professional), ran my saddle and girth down to the car and then Fiks came and kissed me goodbye. I ran back upstairs and grabbed my go back with my riding clothes and boots in it.

I went to the grocery store and that went fairly well, not needing too much this week. So I was able to get in and out pretty quickly. I went over to my parents house and Gucci was in the paddock, turned around and ran into his stall and met me at the gate making grumpy faces that cookies could not take away.

There were no carrots out there so he didn’t get his birthday candle treat, so that was abuse in his eyes. But I gave him his bucket and a flake of hay and that seemed to make things better.

I went to grab my bag of groceries and the handle broke, but at least it broke in the truck so I just had to lift the bag up out of the truck. I opened the front door and waved at Mom who was busy making her cup of coffee. I put my cold bag in the fridge and then I was hunting for one of Poppa’s chocolate muffins when he came down stairs. He found a muffin for me, yay!

Mom turned on the news and all they were talking about was the election coverage. Not exciting and entertaining. I watched it for a while until it was time for my interview. I showed up early and switched out my shoes and then I called and talked to the lady who let me in. I walked in with a piece of paper and a pen and took notes. One page is legible and the other page… not so much. But I think it went well because she asked what my availability for training was. I’m going to find out tomorrow. So fingers crossed, gang.

Afterwards I went to my parents house and sat down and watched Merlin for a while before going and getting changed to go riding today. We watched a little more Merlin before taking Gucci a carrot and then taking off.

We arrived at Other Mother’s house and grabbed my stuff from the car and walked it over to the trailer. Mom and Other Mother started talking politics, gah, can’t get away from it today. I went and got Smoke and gave him a cookie.

I took him over to the trailer where Mora was tied up too. They got along pretty well.

We tacked them up and slowly made our way over to the arena. Other Mother forgot her helmet, so we stopped so she could turn around and get it.

We made it to the ring and mounted up. We walked around for a while, doing some flexing both ways and then I started to trot and I didn’t really have the energy to do much more, so we just took it easy. We dismounted and put the horses away and then we made our way home after Other Mother gave me a pear to eat on the way there. It was good.

We got to my parents house and then we made a sandwich for each of us and Poppa had some more spaghetti for his lunch. We went out and pasted Gucci and then made up his buckets and I came home shortly after.

I got home fine and got everything put away I flopped on the sofa and watched some Grey’s Anatomy. I got cleaned up after a while, watched some more Grey’s and ended up taking a nap on the sofa.

I woke up eventually and then went and made myself dinner (sandwich because I was lazy and the sink was full of dirty dishes) I stayed watching Grey’s until Fiks got home, and then we watched some YouTube before heading to bed.

I slept pretty good last night, I thought. Fiks not so much. Apparently I was kicking a lot, so I was keeping him awake which made me feel bad once I found out. But I woke up on time with my alarm, and got dressed for work and headed over to my parents house to take care of Gucci after making my breakfast and packing my lunch.

He wanted nothing to do with me once he had his breakfast bucket. Even if it was short his ‘birthday’ candle carrot.

I gave him his cookies and left him alone with his breakfast. I went inside and said hi to Mom who was watching the news. I sat down and had my breakfast bagel and juice in the bag. When it was time I went and made up Gucci’s medicine and Poppa and I went out and pasted him. He did fine. We made up his buckets for the next couple of days as well before heading inside. We got inside when I realized I had left the syringe out by Gucci, I was going to run and get it but Poppa beat me to it.

When it was time I left for work. I got there with a little time to spare and so I sat and played on my phone for a few minutes before hopping out and getting dressed and heading inside once the doors were open.

The day went fine. We had a couple weird people. One guy was asking people for change, people were ignoring him or telling him no, so that was good. Then we had this weird guy pull up into the disabled spot with no placards and jumped in line, but left his door open and his engine running. Then he asked for a pen and took off. We had this spectacular park job.

But the rest of the day went fine. I came home and got cleaned up and made us pyes for dinner. Fiks was still at work so I jumped on the computer and started doing my class work. I took my quiz (9/10 again, grrrr), and wrote down what I need to read this weekend. This week its on pharmacy and pharmacology, hopefully I’ll do better this week then I did last week.

I ran and pulled the pyes out of the oven when the timer dinged, and came and read some more. Fiks pulled up just as they were cooling off, so we were able to have dinner somewhat together. We watched a couple of YouTube videos and then we watched something on Disney+ about Mars and SpaceX. It was interesting. Then I went to bed.

I slept okay last night, and I don’t think I was kicking nearly as much or as badly last night because Fiks said goodbye to me this morning as he left for work. I slept a little bit longer and then I got out of bed and got myself ready for work. I made my breakfast and packed my lunch and went over to see Gucci.

“Do you have treats?” he asked.

“Yes I do.” I replied.


“Only because you’re cute.”

Of course this was a one sided conversation. Well, Poppa was there too, telling me to take my photo and that I was too late to do anything this morning. I gave Gucci his treats and then I went and grabbed my breakfast and went inside. Mom was up and watching the news. We changed it after a while because it was just upsetting her, so we put it on the cooking channel and watched someone make awesome brie croissants. Made me hungry.

Poppa and I went out and pasted Gucci, who ran away from us. I had an apple core for him and everything. Poppa was in his sandals so he couldn’t come into the stall with me and be my back up. But Gucci did good once I got out to him. We went back inside and when it was time I took off for work.

Work went okay. It was a steady day, nothing really happened minus a few bad park jobs. Oh, and this guy at the end of the day reeked of hot dogs, made me want to gag. He seemed very lost and confused at one point, when he was waiting for his roommate. When it was time I left work and came home and sat down on the sofa next to Fiks who had beaten me home and was playing Breath of the Wild.

I don’t really remember the rest of Friday night. Sorry folks.

I slept okay last night. I woke up with a grumble with my alarm and got ready for work. I kissed Fiks goodbye who just snored in my face. I got my breakfast and lunch packed and headed off to work. I took it slow because the roads were wet for the first time in a while, but it wasn’t raining while I was driving down or at work.

Work went fine. I got myself settled in and read some of my book before starting on my homework reading. This week seemed to make a little more sense for me, so that’s a good thing. I logged people coming in and just did my job, nothing happened today thankfully.

Afterwards I went over to my parents house to say hi and take care of Gucci who was a grumpy guy this afternoon.

Managed to get somewhat of an ear up with the bribe of a cookie, or was it the carrot? Oh well. Doesn’t really matter now. Anyway, I went inside and said hi to Mom and we made up Gucci’s medicine and then we went and pasted him. Mom stood in the doorway while I was making his buckets for the next two meals. So he got his bucket with his carrot and then he got his flake of hay. We went back inside and I had to leave so I could get to the feed store before it shut down for the day.

I got there in time and they were busy. They still didn’t have any Purina Outlast which was frustrating, but they had the senior so I got 2 bags of that and then I came home. Fiks was passed out on the sofa when I came in and I woke him up. Oops. I went and got cleaned up and then when I was done I came out and Fiks was playing Breath of the Wild again. I watched him play that for a little while then I went out and got us soup for dinner.

Soup was good, it made him feel better and it hit the spot for me of warm food in my tummy. I watched him play BOTW for a while before heading to bed kinda early. I was tired.

I slept okay last night. I grumbly woke up with my alarm and got ready for work. I kissed Fiks goodbye and made and packed my stuff and off to work I went.

The day went fine. I had a harder time doing my homework today, that reminds me, I should get back to it soon. Anyway, nothing really happened until the end of the day when a person stopped and told me that there was a tree falling down across one of the roads, so I went and checked it out. After taking photos and heading back to the truck one of the residents came out like a hero with a chainsaw and cut down the big branch that was crossing the road.

After informing the HOA lady and getting thoroughly confused on which direction it was heading I got to call it a day and headed over to my parents house. Poppa was getting masks out of the car when I pulled up. I went out and said hi to Gucci who was less grumpy today, but a little more hyper because of the wind.

Poppa came out with some carrot peels and some carrots, so I let him have some of the peels after his cookies. Then I backed the truck up and we unloaded the feed and he started squealing and running in his stall and doing little bucks while we were making his buckets. I went in armed with a bucket with a carrot in it and he dove into dinner happily.

To his dismay he still had to get pasted. I said hi to Mom from afar, she wasn’t feeling well. Poppa helped me paste the boy and then I came home. Fiks still wasn’t feeling well so I brought out the garbage cans before parking the truck in the garage. I came inside and said hi to him before going and getting cleaned up from work. When I came out he was making dinner, Orange chicken lettuce wraps. Nom. So good.

That’s been our night. We watched the new episode of The Mandalorian while eating dinner, then we watched some YouTube videos and snuggled and fell asleep on the sofa for a while. Fiks is still asleep on the sofa.

Alright, that is where I leave you guys.

See you next week!

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