Down sick… (Week 45)

Hi from Monday!

I did okay last night, minus messaging me messaging my cousin at 2 am to make sure that we were still on for a movie, which we were. I don’t know why it was important to message her at 2 am, but I did. After that I slept until almost 8 where I woke up to the beeping from our fire alarm (it wasn’t going off, just chirping every 10 minutes or so), so I got up and had a bowl of cereal and turned on M*A*S*H.

I ate my cereal and then I flopped on the sofa for a little while and dozed for a bit until it was time to get ready. I got dressed and said goodbye to Fiks and grabbed a basket of laundry and got that started before heading off to dog training. I got there early, well, before Poppa at least, and watched the other dogs going on. I could hear Lumi whining once he saw me and scratching at the cage door.

Poppa showed up a couple of minutes later and we went and got Lumi out of the cage. He started bouncing up on Poppa so we threw him back in the kennel and waited for him to calm down. He sat, so we let him out and we joined the rest of the group for the lesson. The trainer took a Lumi a couple of times to show us what he wanted done and to demo to the group. Who’d a thunk; Lumi, a demo dog!

Training went mostly well, we had one moment where he started barking at another dog, but he was good the rest of the time. I followed Poppa home once we were done with class. I ran over and gave Gucci his hello cookies and carrot and while I was doing this Poppa got out Lumi out of the car.

I went over and we did some recalls before heading into the house where he was excited to see Mom. Mom was feeling better today, so that was good to see. Lumi bounced all over the sofas and then he saw me getting in the cupboard to get some horse cookies and he came running over and so I gave him a brushie after making him sit.

I went outside and grabbed Gucci and took him for a walk. He was a little stiff and sore today, but its the first time I’ve walked him since its become cold. He might need that shot in his knee sooner than expected. :/ But we had a good walk filled with cookies and pets and love.

He was pretty happy to get out, so that made me feel better. I put him away and then I went inside and made Gucci’s medicine and then Poppa and I went outside and gave it to him. He did pretty good, even after walking away for a few strides.

I came home and got Fiks to stop playing Breath of the Wild in time for us to start our movie of the week: Captain Marvel. We talked with my cousin for almost 20 minutes, and we got a wonderful catch up and then we started the movie. We chatted through the whole thing, having a couple of moments of saying in the same thing which I always love.

After the movie was done I turned on the Great British Bake Off and flopped on the spare sofa and watched it just so that I could spread out for a little while. Fiks went and got cleaned up and I called up the vet clinic I had an interview last week at, and asked how the selection process was going. Apparently they were having more interviews, so that’s why they hadn’t gotten back to me. She didn’t sound super happy to hear from me, so now I’m not confident I got the job.

I’m just so… tired… and burned out… of being a security guard. Sorry, security professional. I can go places even by starting as a vet assistant, I can still going to school and work. Not that I can’t do that with being a security gua…professional, but I’d be able to apply what I’m learning to my job as I’m learning it so I have a better understanding of it.

Anyway, after Fiks got cleaned up we moved the laundry around and then I did my homework for class really quick, I think I did it correctly. Then we started to make dinner. Pork with apple butter, carrots, beats, and goat cheese. It was yummy.

After making dinner Fiks jumped on the computer to get ready for gaming and I turned on Grey’s Anatomy. I kept watching that until it was time for me to go to bed.

I slept okay last night, I woke up and Fiks was still at home. So I got up quietly and turned on M*A*S*H after grabbing my bowl of cereal. I dozed on the sofa for a little while more afterwards and Fiks woke up. So we watched some M*A*S*H together, which was nice. When it was time I went and got dressed for work and said goodbye to Fiks as I walked out the door.

I got to my parents house and drove up and Lumi was hanging out with Poppa. I was so afraid that he was going to charge at the truck, but he just stood there and watched me pull up. I was really impressed. I said hi to him and then I went over to say hi to Gucci who was jealous that I didn’t come over to him straight away.

I didn’t sleep the greatest last night, so I turned on M*A*S*H and fell asleep to that. Then I woke up when it was over, typical. But I didn’t want to start it again and disturb Fiks, so I just turned off the TV and turned on my audio book. I woke back up when Fiks’ alarm went off and we got ready for the day. I had problems zipping into my half chaps for some dumb reason, I was wearing breeches so this wouldn’t happen. Sigh. Oh well. We got into our vehicles and made our way down the mountain.

I went to the grocery store and went and got the groceries which we needed for this week, but now, reflecting back, I realized I forgot to get taco cheese! I’ll have to get some tomorrow. But the grocery store went fine other than that.

I went over to my parents house and Lumi was tied up to the fence and Poppa was busy mucking out Gucci’s stall. Lumi came running down the hill and chocked himself on his collar when he reached his max length. I asked what happened to the good dog of yesterday when I got out of the truck. I grabbed Gucci a couple of carrots and went over and said hello, he was busy eating his breakfast by granted me permission to say good morning.

This is when I noticed the nose bleed. It wasn’t bad, and it wasn’t still running. So he just must have sneezed too hard this morning. I kept petting him while he was eating breakfast until Poppa was done mucking out his stall and then Poppa and I went and said hi to Lumi. I petted him then I went to the truck and grabbed my cold bag and the 25lb bag of carrots I had and took them inside. Mom was up watching the news already, so that was a bit of a surprise.

I had a cup of hot chocolate and we watched the news and Mom and Poppa had breakfast. Poppa took off for his appointment when it was time and Mom and I hung out until it was time to take her to get her nails done. After dropping her off I went back to my parents house and made myself a sandwich and watched some Dr. Pol while I waited for time to roll around and pick up Mom.

I did try taking Gucci for another walk today, and he’s still lame on that left front leg, damn it. He’s still walking really ginger on it, putting it down and weight on it in two phases. So I turned around and put him back in his stall and then I went to go pick up Mom.

I waited for her to get done with her nails and then I told her about Gucci and she’s insisting its his arthritis, but its on his good leg, not his bad one. I just hate it when she does this. I’m trying to not freak out and pray to God that he doesn’t colic like he did back in February.

We went to Other Mother’s house and she had Mora out and tied to the trailer already. So we walked over and dropped off my tack and then I went and got Smoke out and tied him to the trailer.

Mora turned her head, Smoke wasn’t as amused as she was. But I brushed Smoke and they came back while I was brushing his mane and tail out. I helped Other Mother tack up Mora (put the saddle on her), then I tacked up Smoke and then we headed to the arena. I got on just fine, I’m not really sure what held up Other Mother and real Mother, but something was wrong with Mora’s tack. I trotted around a couple laps and then we worked on our flexing and our marching walk.

When we were done we dismounted and headed back to the trailer. Smoke and Mora were both looking for treats, but Other Mother doesn’t like it when Mora gets a treat out of hand for some reason. So I threw the 2 cookies for Mora in her bucket as Smoke and I walked by on the way back to his stall. I gave Smoke one on the way and then I gave him his second one when he got into his stall and took his halter off.

We packed up my tack and then we went home after saying goodbye to Other Mother and Other Father. Poppa was home when we got there, and Lumi wanted to come out and say hi, so he came and pounded at the door a couple of times before Poppa came out with him. We went inside and Poppa said he was hungry so Mom started making him lunch while we went out and pasted Gucci and made up his buckets for the next couple of days.

After helping Poppa bring in some firewood I came home and unloaded the truck of tack and groceries. I put the cold and frozen ones away and flopped on the sofa for a while and watched Grey’s Anatomy. I’m finally starting season 16.

I’ve been listening to a lot of P!NK lately. I really love her music and I’ve had this song stuck in my head for days. So here, enjoy, and try not to go down the rabbit hole like I did.

So I jumped on the computer and started looking at when I can register for my next class. Enrollment opens up on the 16th but I’m not allowed to enroll until the 23rd. Stupid, right? I just hope that I get into the class because there are only 35 spots for it this quarter.

Then I went to the local college website at which I’m going to be taking my math class at and they aren’t the offering the one I want to take anymore, which was a slow paced class. They only have the regular math, so I’ll have to take that one. Then I started looking at the chemistry classes and biology classes I’m going to have to take to get in the vet tech program and sorta stressed myself out.

Thankfully, as of right now, I have a high GPA. I’m worried about tanking my math class tho and bringing down my GPA. So I called my parents house and talked to Mom, and then I talked to Poppa who suggested getting a text book and we can start on doing math now, since its my worst subject and hopefully it’ll help me pass the class.

Fiks came home and we decided to be lazy and have Chinese for dinner, so I called the order in and we stayed in the kitchen talking until it was time for us to go pick up the food. When we came home we sat down and watched some YouTube videos for a while then I went to bed.

I slept okay last night, only waking up once or twice. I forgot I had my alarm set so that woke me up, which woke Fiks up, who was running late for work. When I woke up again I got up and had my cereal and watched M*A*S*H for a while. I got dressed for work when it was time, and then I headed over to my parents house to say hi to Gucci.

He was happy to see me. I gave him his hello treats and then I went inside and said hi to Mom and Lumi, Poppa was up at my Brother’s house already. So I hung out with Lumi and watched Dr Pol for a while while Mom went and got cleaned up. When she came down we went outside and pasted Gucci. He was warm under his blanket so we took that off and put on his sheet to keep him somewhat warm, when we went back inside.

I made myself a salami and cheese sandwich for lunch, and so I ate that while Mom did her hair and watched more Dr Pol. When it was time I left for work after saying goodbye to everyone.

I got to work on time, and I found a good parking spot, but I started to feel nauseated. Like really bad. So when my shift started I asked if it was okay if I sat down, I wasn’t feeling well. They said yes and gave me a chair. I had to cover the doors a couple of times. I asked to to go the back at one point and managed to make it into the bathroom before being sick. I texted my boss after that and told her what happened and asked to go home. She said yes so I came home.

Once I got home I took a hot shower to help me feel better, and it worked for a while. I flopped on the sofa and watched some new episodes of Grey’s Anatomy.

After a few episodes I jumped on the computer and started doing my reading for school. And I fell down the music video rabbit hole again. Here’s another one from P!nk. I love the shadow dancers. Trying to figure out if there actually were other dancers there and green screened out or if they were added later and she was dancing on wires.

I don’t think I really focused on school because I kept stopping and watching music videos. I’ll have to go over the class again to make sure I understood it properly. I took notes, which I normally don’t have to do. I figured out what reading I needed and then I went and flopped on the sofa again. I asked Fiks to bring home some soup when he got off work.

He did. And bread bowls. We watched What About Dick? during dinner. If you haven’t seen it, you should, its great. Its on Netflix right now. When it was time I went to bed.

I had a hard time falling asleep last night. Every position disturbed my tummy, which made me more nauseated, which sucked. I came outside to grab a sprite and found Fiks dozing on the sofa. I talked him into coming to bed with me. But that didn’t help me get back to sleep. I eventually gave up and jumped into a hot bath and read my book for a little while before crawling back into bed.

I slept okay once I got there, but when I woke up I didn’t feel well, but it was already too late for me to call out sick. So I got dressed, made and packed my breakfast and lunch and went over to my parents house. Poppa was just coming out of the house as I was pulling up, so we went over to Gucci together.

I gave Gucci his cookies and he was shy about getting his photos done this morning.

Poppa handed me his bucket, so I gave that to him and he stole the carrot out of it. Then I gave him his flake of hay. I kept trying to take a picture of us, but he wouldn’t cooperate today. So Poppa was awesome and came and took it for us.

Afterwards we went inside for a little while. I hung out until it was time to leave for work. I got there on time and then I got dressed and headed into work. The greeter who saw me said I looked horrible and that I should go home. I explained it was too late for me to call out sick. Enter: My Cover.

So a guy in my company’s uniform showed up and said that he was here to cover my shift for me. So we talked to my boss and she said that I could go home since I still wasn’t feeling well. So I made my way home, crawled back into my PJ’s, grabbed the quilt my sister made for us and snuggled down on the couch. I slept through The Greatest Showman until Mom called and asked how I was doing. Then I slept through Bedknobs and Broomsticks.

After that I watched some Grey’s until Fiks came home (which was only like an episode after I woke up). We didn’t do anything exciting for dinner since I was still nauseated. All I ate was saltines/ritz and sprite. For dinner I had a bagel with butter and Fiks had leftover Chinese. We just sat and watched YouTube videos for a while. I crashed and went to bed early and turned on more M*A*S*H and slept to that.

I woke up a couple times during the night. I moved to the sofa with my quilt after Fiks left for work. I had a bowl of cereal and watched some TV. I’ll give you 3 guesses on what I watched. I turned on some music on the TV and listened to that while I tried to focus on my textbook and do my homework. Then it was time for me to go take a COVID test. Thankfully it was just down the street.

I went to the doctors office and drove around the whole complex and I thought they were closed but as I rounded the last corner I found them. They did the swab down my throat, which was very uncomfortable, and the swab up my nose, which was fine. They told me to stay home until I get my test results back in 48-72 hours.

So I just came home and lied back down and watched something to keep me entertained, I just don’t remember what it was. Something on Disney+. Then Fiks came home after his day of work and we watched some Monty Python together before he took off to go get his hair cut. I got a whiff of myself and decided that I needed a shower, so I went and did that.

Fiks came home while I was getting out of the shower, so I knew he was home and he still managed to scare me half to death and have me jump up. Git. Then he took a shower and I sat down and turned on The Great British Bake Off.

Fiks was amazing and empty the dishwasher and cleaned up the kitchen and started the cooking while I lied on the sofa. I just don’t have any energy right now. When he went down and started cooking the steaks I turned on the water for the broccoli and the potatoes. So that was my job. Potatoes got done fairly quickly, broccoli took so

For dinner we watched The Twilight Zone, Terror at 20,000 feet.

Then we watched some more YouTube videos and then Fiks started to play Breathe Of the Wild. I watched him play for a while and then I went to bed and read my book for a while and fell asleep.

I woke up a couple times. One time I think we had a cop walking down the alleyway below our house because a really bright light came in through the window and I could hear footsteps and talking. I stayed awake after that until I gave up and moved out to the sofa and turned on M*A*S*H and was out within minutes. When I woke up again it was on Friends. So I changed to Disney+ and put on an documentary on about Amelia Earhart and fell asleep again.

Fiks came out when I was waking up again and we had waffles for breakfast, nom nom nom. We did some laundry and I tried to study but my brain is goo. I tried to do my homework, but brain is goo. So I worked on my Amazon wish list and talked with my Cousin while Fiks played Breath of the wild. After a while I went and lied down in bed and tried to take a nap while watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

I failed. I haven’t watched Buffy since it aired basically and got into it so I didn’t take a nap. Fiks ran out and did errands and tried to catch a picture of the Weinermobile but he missed it. But he did get stuff for making churro’s tonight, and more sprite, you know, the important things.

Fiks turned on YouTube to the SpaceX channel, so we had that going on in the background while we were cooking tacos. We got done just in time for the launch, and we watched it with my Cousin, so that was cool.

Fiks is working on the churros right now and I’m watching Grey’s anatomy and staying out of the kitchen.

I think that I’m going to call it there. We still have laundry to do and the garbage and recycling to take out, but nothing more exciting shouldn’t happen tonight.

See you next week!

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