A Marvel…ous half week… (Week 46)

Hi from Monday!

I didn’t sleep well last night. I woke up at 3 and was up until 5 stressing and trying to figure out stuff for school. I woke up around 8 and grabbed my bowl of cereal and moved to the sofa and watched Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

I stayed on the sofa and watched/dozed through a couple of episodes before Fiks surprised me and came home. He’s working in the area today, which mean’s he’ll be home for lunch šŸ™‚ I talked with my cousin and we had confusion with time zones for a while. Finally got that sorted out. So I kept watching Buffy until it was time to watch the movie of the week, Iron Man.

We chatted through the movie, like usual. We are watching Iron Man 2 tomorrow since that was meant to be our original day this week but since I’m sick no tattoo session. I got that moved until December. After the movie I got a call from the College Councilor about the math class that I want to take, so I got that all sorted, so now I just have to stress about getting into the classes I need.

I went and got cleaned up and then I moved the laundry and came back up and listened to The Ralph Report while I tried working on my homework. I’m still totally stumped on how to answer one of the assignments, and I think I got the other one done correctly. I hope that I got it done correctly. My brain is still a pile of goo.

I gave up after a while and then I flopped back on the sofa and watched some more Buffy and waited for Fiks to come home so I could make dinner. He did arrive with the tortilla chips so we could make nachos for dinner, and it was glorious. Fiks is gaming with his second group right now, I’m working on this and have Buffy on in the background. I tried watching Grey’s but it’s too quiet to watch with Fiks playing, and then it turns into a volume contest and no one wants that.

Did you know that a very young Joseph Gordon Levitt was in an episode of Buffy? Totally forgot about that. I spent my evening watching Buffy while Fiks gamed the night away.

I didn’t sleep well last night and I woke up starving, so I got up and had a bowl of cereal and turned on Buffy for a while.

I slept through an episode, or maybe even 2, because when I woke up I was totally lost and confused. I woke up for the start of season 2. I was really lazy and just stayed wrapped up in my quilt for most of the day. I watched Iron Man 2 with my cousin when it was time.

I watched that and worked on some homework towards the end of the movie. I tried to find medications that I’ve administered to horses over the years, ended up going with the tranquilizer, Ace. So I hope that I did my homework right, because I am thoroughly stumped at this point. I’ve basically been watching Grey’s Anatomy after Iron Man 2 finished and set up tomorrow for Thor.

I did some browsing on Amazon as I watched Grey’s, you know, nothing productive. Maybe found Mom’s present. And I got my test results back, COVID negative, so yay. I should be good to go to work on Thursday. I texted that to my boss and haven’t heard anything back yet.

So we have these glow fish to replace the betta fish which my Sister was very nice and got us. Well, some have passed on and some are still originals, so its all good. We have this barrel that says ‘Whiskey’ on it, and one of the yellow fish likes to swim in it and claim it as their own. Well, today, Whiskey Fish hasn’t been anywhere near his barrel today and I can’t figure out why minus one of the pink ones hovering around the outside of it.

I switched from Grey’s over to Buffy and watched that for the rest of the evening. Fiks got home late and went and got cleaned up, so I finished the episode I was watching and then we watched a couple YouTube videos together and then I went to bed.

I slept fine until 2, then I just tossed and turned the rest of the night. I finally fell asleep and I reached out to touch Fiks and I couldn’t find him, so that woke me up. He was just getting dressed, I dunno why that sort of freaked me out minus my brain not working. Which has been my excuse for the past… week?

I got up and dressed and had a bowl of cereal and watched the news with Fiks for a little while before heading down the mountain in the rain. I took it at my own pace, not slow, but not speeding either. Anyway, I got to the store and turned on a podcast and started walking around. There were a lot of people there. People working and people shopping. It was weird. I think next week (due to Thanksgiving), is going to be worse. I might just go on Monday morning when it isn’t (hopefully, as) busy.

I went over to my parents house after I was done and said hi to Gucci for the first time in almost a week. He was happy to see me and mad at me and the weather at the same time. It was raining.

He was soaking wet, soaked through his blanket. I didn’t think that he’d be dumb enough to stand out in the rain all night, but apparently I was wrong. So I gave him his breakfast bucket with a carrot in it and then I took off his wet blanket and put on a dry, waterproof one which I hadn’t swept out of spiders and cobwebs, but I didn’t really have a choice.

He seemed happier once he got his breakfast and a new blanket. Poppa came out while I was giving him his breakfast and made sure that I was doing okay and then when I went inside and Poppa was turning on Mom’s coffee. Lumi was happy to see me too, he wouldn’t leave me this morning it felt like. Mom came down shortly after I came in and we sat down and watched the news for a while. I flopped on the sofa and tried to doze for a little while, but I wasn’t successful. Lumi would always visit me or the sofa would move apart so I wouldn’t have anything to lean against. But I left him alone while he was sleeping on the sofa, though I was sorely tempted to go and bug him while he slept.

After a while Mom went up and got dressed and then Poppa and I went and pasted Gucci, who did fine for me. Then Mom and I went to CVS to get a photo blown up for a project she’s doing. Was a whopping 39 cents for the photo, but like $5 for the chocolate she bought me, well, us. Then I came home and put my cold grocery in the fridge and turned on Buffy and watched that for a little while before the movie of the day: Thor.

We chatted for a little bit, she had big news for me, and then we started the movie. Halfway through the movie I got a couple of emails about places hiring at vet clinics, so I went and applied at 4 or 5 places today. 1 place I applied for 3 different positions, just trying to get in. Its frustrating because people want people with experience, so no one will hire someone with no experience. Grrrr. Vicious circle.

Oh, and I’ve been watching Grey’s Anatomy since Thor ended and (Spoilers) Alex Karev leaves?! What the actual hell, man!

Okay, so I didn’t keep up with this week after Wednesday, and I’m not going to try and remember 4 days worth in 30 minutes. So sorry gang, but here, have some photos.

Gucci still isn’t happy with me as of Thursday morning.

But he is as of Friday morning. I did give him breakfast, so maybe that’s why.

I’ll try to do better next week.


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