Munity! Well…. Almost… (Week 3)

Hi from Sunday!

I can’t really talk about my work week, but my Tuesday (aka Thursday) was a complete and utter shit show. Vet techs were talking about walking out on the vet over the way she was treating a patient and I was just kind of stuck in the middle. Oh, and there was the bird disaster. All in the same night. The techs were calling other techs and vets for help to deal with the patient and…. it was bad, folks.

I started sleeping with my eye mask thingy and headphones during the week so it wouldn’t be totally new when I started sleeping in the day time. Try to get used to them now, when I am sleeping, instead of later this week, when I need to sleep. I asked one of the techs for advice, and she says she just naps throughout the day. Another said she sleeps. So hopefully I’ll be able to sleep throughout the day and then go to work and be able to function.

But anyway, today is Sunday, so that’s nice. It was my last night of swing shift last night, now I’m moving onto graves/overnights, so we’ll see if I keep this up with that crazy schedule.

I had a lovely dose of insomnia last night, not going to bed until 630-7 this morning. While I was suffering from insomnia I got a bug up my butt about my credit card with airplane miles and trying to get them to join up with my airline points. Didn’t get anywhere. Either the credit card company website sucks, or the airline pages’ suck, because I can’t get either of them to work properly. I can see my miles on my credit card statement, so I know I have them. And I got them for the airline Fiks and I like flying internationally just for the points, so if it doesn’t meet up I’m going to be pissed.

I woke up with a start this morning. Instead of it being a nice slow intro song, it started with a bang and “It’s been one week” I might have made a noise that had Fiks come running into the bedroom.

I also might have been angry and thrown my eye covers and headphones off at the sudden noise. I woke up and had a bagel and turned on some Big Bang Theory and dozed to that for a little while. Then we went in Fiks’ temporary car (while his car is in the shop for the next 2-3 weeks) over to my parents house and said hi to Gucci, who didn’t turn around until we were almost on top of him because he didn’t recognize the car engine.

We went in and said hi to Mom, Poppa, and Lumi and then Poppa and Fiks were going to work on the Lego Saturn 5 rocket when one of Mom’s friends drove up. So while they were talking we went and turned Gucci out for a graze. As you can see he was pretty happy with the grass. After his time was up we poured some medicine on his hoof and then put him away. Mom’s friend wanted to say hi to him and give him some carrots, so I went and got him out again and brought him over to the door so he could get spoiled.

After they left Fiks and Poppa went into the garage and worked on the Saturn 5 that they had been working on and off all week.

I went inside and hung out with Mom for a while, then a family friend called and she started talking to him. I went and pasted Gucci and got Poppa to come and rescue Mom from the phone. Well, that didn’t work. He got both of them talking. I helped Fiks with finishing the part of the rocket they were on (the third stage), and then we opened the last bag and then Poppa came back out.

After the rocket was done we came home and cooked dinner. Fondue chicken with root vegetables. It was pretty good. Fiks had a BOD meeting for amtgard, so I had to finish cooking dinner. I gave him his plate while he was in his meeting so he didn’t miss out on it and I turned on Big Bang Theory again. We were going to watch WandaVision but we didn’t because of his meeting and then he played Cyberpunk 2077, so maybe we’ll watch it later in the week.

I went and got cleaned up and crawled into bed and read my book for a while before putting on my eye covers and my headphones and falling asleep.

I slept pretty well last night, so I can’t complain. I woke up with my alarm for getting up for Gucci’s shoes appointment. I had a bowl of cereal and watched some BBT and then I got dressed and went over to my parents house so I could paste Gucci before his appointment. Gucci was very into his hay when I pulled up, but he managed to break away for a couple of carrots.

I went inside and made up Gucci’s medicine while Mom and Poppa watched the news. Poppa went outside with me to paste, and he did pretty well today, didn’t get medicine all over his face like I did mid week. I went back in and Mom went up to go get dressed for her nail appointment, so we pulled her car out and parked it where she could get out with the farrier still there. And a dead rat dropped out of the engine compartment of the car and onto the garage floor. Gross.

I was watching TV with Poppa when it became Gucci’s appointment, so I went outside and he wanted to graze for a while, so we went into the field and then the farrier pulled up. So we walked over to them and said hi and the normal pleasantries and they got to work. I told them that the hole in Gucci’s frog wasn’t healing super fast. When he got there he said it looked better. It was probably a mix of the weather and his age delaying the healing.

Mom and Poppa came out while Gucci was getting finished up, so I went and put Gucci away when he was done, he took a few sore steps. He’ll be on an extra gram of bute for the next few days I think. Then Mom left for her nail appointment and Poppa and I cleaned up where Gucci had been standing; getting all the hoof trimmings and shavings up off the ground and into the garbage can.

Poppa and I worked on some math for a while, then we took a break because my brain hurt.

I ended up passing out on the sofa for a while, and then Lumi woke me up barking, letting us know that Mom was home. We hung out for a little while and then I had to take off for my tattoo appointment.

Incase you can’t tell, we added dots to the purple feathers, added some blue to the greenie ones, filled in the dots on the red feathers with yellow, and finally filled in the body with a red/orange.

After it was done I came home and rested for a while. I didn’t feel up for cooking, so we just did left overs. Well, Fiks did leftovers, I did a salad and ended up baking grands biscuits and watching some more Buffy the vampire slayer while Fiks gamed with his other group. I watched a little BBT before putting on Chicago. Its been an age since I’ve watched it.

I stayed up a little bit after the movie was finished, just to stay up longer for getting ready for tomorrow. I went to bed and you could hear the wind howling and knocking things around as I lied in bed and read my book before turning off my light and going to sleep.

I didn’t sleep well, I was worried about the wind at my parents house and how Gucci was doing. Fiks didn’t sleep well either, but I think that I slept a little better than he did. He said he’d been awake off and on since 3 because of the wind (thankfully I had nothing to do with it for once). I might have slept better because I had the noise canceling headphones on.

I woke up in the morning and Fiks was coming over to say goodbye and he told me that the power was out. So I outside with him to get the truck out of the garage when he was pulling his car out. I just parked in the driveway and locked it and went back inside for a little bit. I called my parents house to see if they still had power; they did. So I got dressed and headed to the grocery store.

I stayed in the truck for my doctors appointment. Things seem to be going really well, I’m sleeping a lot better, my mood is better (minus the off grumpy days), and a couple of other things that are going in the right direction for me. I think the medicine change was a good thing, and now the problem is going to try to sleep during the day time.

Anyway, after my appointment I went inside the grocery store and got our goodies and some for my parents before heading over to their house. I went inside and asked Poppa if Gucci had had breakfast yet, nope. So I went out and fed him breakfast. He was spooky because of the wind. Can’t blame the guy, gusts up to 60 mph have been recorded today.

I came back in with the groceries for my parents and my cold and frozen stuff and put them where they needed to go. I then stole the last chocolate chip cookie and sat down and watched some TV. Then Mom came down after saying she was going to stay in bed because she hadn’t slept well because of the wind, so we ended up watching the news, and then changing it to Secrets of the Zoo: Tampa.

I fell asleep watching it, but I woke up in time to go take Lumi to the groomers with Poppa. He was all excited until he got to the groomers, then he tried to crawl into the front. We also learned we were like 2 hours early, so we made our way back home after swinging by the post office. Poppa doesn’t like to stand in lines, so he didn’t get the mail.

We came home and did some math homework, and then it was time again to take Lumi back to the groomers. Mom went up and took a nap and I waited to start the movie of the week with my Cousin, Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Poppa came home when we were video chatting, and so my Cousin showed him a little bit of their new kitchen. Then we started the movie. We chatted throughout, Mom came back down about an hour into the movie so I had to explain things to her because she’d never seen it before. We were watching it when we got a phone call from the groomer saying Lumi was ready to be picked up. Mom and I ran around the house and the property looking for Poppa, couldn’t find him. He was cleaning up all the debris from the windstorm on the driveway, so Mom almost ran him over going down the hill. I managed to finish the movie with my Cousin with Poppa coming in the last 30 minutes going “Okay, catch me up.” “Those are the bad guys, those are the good guys.” Best I could do without restarting it all over again.

I kept checking the PGE for an update on the power outage and it said no time soon basically. So I came home to make our go bags to crash at my parents house for the night. First I swung by the feed store and picked up stuff for Gucci, and then I came home and as I was backing up the lights came on. Yay! I came home and put my package in the house (to be revealed later), and then I went back to my parents house to unload the feed and take care of Gucci.

Poppa was working on the garbage when I pulled up, so he helped me back up to the hay barn and we unloaded feed and made up some buckets. Gucci supervised over the fence, then I gave him his dinner bucket, and made my way into the house. Lumi started barking at me for some stupid reason, and I made up Gucci’s medicine and Mom went out and pasted him with me. He did okay for today. I felt bad because I didn’t spend a lot of time with him today, but it was super windy and he hates the wind and isn’t the brightest or safest in it. But I should have spoiled him with carrots or something. I feel like a bad Mom.

Anyway, I packed up my computer and my text book and made my way home. I brought in the groceries and put them away before trying to get the truck into the garage. I could get the door to a certain point, but I wasn’t tall enough to have the leverage to open it all the way. So I made sure that it was locked and came inside and put on some Big Bang.

I opened up the box that showed up today and it had the 2 Breyers I forgot I ordered in it; I got both because I couldn’t pick between them. I want to get a custom model of Gucci painted before its too late, so I have to take photos soon and find an artist. Maybe I can talk Fiks into taking photos of him on Sunday. Hrm. Anyway, here they are.

I woke up when Fiks called me to say that he was outside and ready to help me with the door. Apparently I took a nap. He was able to open the garage all the way and get it back on the track before we both backed in. I moved the laundry that I had restarted earlier into the dryer and then we came inside. I told Fiks the fish tank wasn’t working so he worked on that and got it going again and I cleaned up the kitchen and then I tried to place a order with our favorite Chinese restaurant but couldn’t get through. So we drove down and it was busy. It was a 45 minute wait for an order, so we went to our favorite Sushi place and only had to wait 15 minutes. So much faster. We just hung out in the car until our order was ready and we came home and watched WandVision and Marvels Legends.

We are now watching Flight of the Navigator, I haven’t seen this movie in forever and I used to love it. I remember running around the living room in our house in Europe to part of the movie and ‘sliding’ under the Florida Keys Bridge. Yes, I know the gif is of the Golden Gate, I couldn’t find the Florida Keys one.

We watched YouTube videos for a while after the movie, and then when Fiks was done playing Cyberpunk 2077 he went to bed and I stayed up because I’m working graves starting tomorrow. 10pm-8am. So I stayed up as late as I could. I watched the first 2 episodes of His Dark Materials, which was pretty good, and talked with my Cousin which helped keep me awake. I finally gave up and went to jump into the shower around 5 and was asleep by 530. I remember Fiks’ alarms going off, and then the next thing I knew it was 1030, and then 130. So I got up and moved to the sofa and turned on BBT and dozed off and on to that until about 4 when I finally woke up.

I puttered a little bit and cleaned up the house a bit and took down the Christmas tree. I still have to take them downstairs and put them in the basement, but maybe I can get Fiks to help me with that when he gets home.

I’m going to call if from here. I’m watching Bridgerton right now. We’ll see if I enjoy it.

See you next week!

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